[Pilot feature testing]View your SONOFF camera on echo show and Google Nest hub

NOTE: ONLY open to some of the users who enrolled the tester recruitment earlier, Will recruit again later, please stay tuned.

Dear users,

First of all, thank you for been with us always and enrolling as testers of pilot features of the SONOFF camera.

Glad to let you know that, we have finished the integration of the SONOFF camera (GK-200MP2-B) with Amazon echo show and Google Nest hub, beta testing is open now!

We have whitelisted the eWeLink ID you submitted in the Facebook post of tester recruitment earlier, and now you can start viewing the video stream from the camera on your echo show or Nest hub.

Here are some tips to help you get a better start on beta testing,

1, Please make sure your eWeLink ID is linked with your Alexa ID or Google ID

about account linking



2, Please check your SONOFF camera for testing has already been synced in your echo show* or Google Nest hub

*Generally, device sync to Alexa or Google is automatic in silence, if you can’t find the camera on echo show, say “discover devices” to the speaker to trigger a sync.

3, You can start view by using one of the following utterances:

Alexa, show me the front door camera

Alexa, talk to the camera*

and you can end streaming by using one of the following utterances:

Alexa, quit.

Alexa, stop.

** Two-way talking feature is under development and will be added to the beta test program later*

4, Free to let us know if you meet any issues or suggestions you have, reply to this email(pilot-features@ewelink.cc) directly, we’ll reach back to you ASAP.

5, One more thing,

We have set up this eWeLink user forum, but not open to all users yet, but we hope you testers can preview and try it out in advance, you can also discuss the issues met in testing below this post.

eWeLink Team

This is what i just achived.

Hallo, soeben habe ich nach Anleitung das neue Camera Feature in Google Home installiert.
!!! Ich bin begeistert. !!! :heart_eyes:
Hier eine kleine Hilfestellung für die, die Probleme haben sollten.
Ich habe ein Video erstellt, leider ist der Upload in diesem Forum nicht erlaubt. Im Video ist das Ganze noch einmal aufgezeigt.
Gehen wir davon aus das bereits eine oder mehrere Cams in der ewelink APP angemeldet sind und funktionieren.
Zuerst “OK Google, synchronisiere meine Smart Home Geräte”.
Google Home App öffnen
Die neue(n) Cam(s) sind nun hier zu finden. Einfach anklicken, einem “Zu Hause” hinzufügen, dann einem “Raum” hinzufügen, fertig.
Ich habe danach noch einmal “OK Google, synchronisiere meine Smart Home Geräte” ausgeführt.
Nach kurzer Zeit erscheinen die neuen Cams in den Home Hubs und können ab sofort per Tastendruck oder “OK Google, zeige Cam xyz” angezeigt werden. Den Stream beendet man mit “OK Google, Stop”.

WEITER So, ich bin begeistert.

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Did it work well? was the video clear?

Hello Thomas, welcome to the forum first.

SO SO glad you made this, that is awesome and inspired.

we set up this forum based on discourse, and considering the size of the forum and traffic speed, video upload haven’t been allowed yet, maybe later we found a better way to achieve that.

For now, you can upload images,
as for videos, upload to cloud services like google drive and then post the URL here recommended.

Hello, yes the video is in good quality. I use 1 x Nest Hub 1 and 1 x Nest Hub 2 with 3 x ewelink cams. I also use the Google Nest Cams, the only difference is the start time. The ewelink cameras need about 5 seconds. until these are displayed, the NestCams are after 1-2 sec. to see. To be honest, not a big problem for me.

Hello, I have a problem with the ewelink Cameras.
If I go to hub 1 and say “show camera 1” it shows it.
When I say "Show camera 1 on the
living room device " from my phone, it tells me that it cannot stream this camera to other screens.
The same problem when I give the command from the kitchen hub to output the stream to the living room device.

What am I doing wrong?
I can stream music back and forth as I want with no problems.

Hello Thomas,
I tried my side, use 2 different Google Nset hub to view the same SONOFF camera stream is OK,

Would you please check the following,
1, The kitchen hub is also registered in same Google account as your hub 1
2, The SONOFF camera icon (camera 1) is display on kitchen hub, if not, try to trigger devices sync on kitchen hub
3, Relink eWeLink with Google just in case

As for view from Google home APP of your phone may not work, because Google home APP using the different stream protocol from the Nest, we are waiting for the confirm by Google team.

Works great google nest
We have the camera setyp in the garage

No issues to report

Well done and great picture, welcome to the user forum.

Dose it works well by voice control?

by the way, you can change the username and profile photo here

Thank you very much, I checked it and additionally reconnected ewelink with google.
The cameras can be seen on the hubs, in the home app as well, and in the ewelink app too.
I renamed the Hubs to Display Kitchen and Diwplay Living Room.
Same as Hub’s before: “Garage 1 can’t stream to other screens”.
From mobile as shown before.
No problem for now, I can call up the cameras with voice commands on the individual hubs.
Thank you anyway.
Pictures of the setting are included

In Hub

In Home APP

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That is awesome, we are working on “event recording” feature on cameras, if motion detected, a video will be record and save to cloud for preview later, still need some time to fix the issues, maybe one more beta testing later.

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Yes it works with voice control. Both start and stop

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Got it to work… response was good :+1:t3:… haven’t tried it to stream on my TV though… kudos. Previously had to do some workaround using HA…

Hi again… tried another device just now…

  1. Xiaomi smart clock (with google)
  2. Xiaomi mi box s running android TV
  3. Sharp Aquos with android TV

It says, it couldn’t stream feed… tought of voice command it on tv to show your camera feed would be cool.

I suppose if stream on nest hub is possible, it could also be streamed to other areas… or its entirely not the same?

Appreciate your feedback.


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Hello ZubirJamal, welcome to the forum and thanks for your feedback,
that’s fantastic ideas treaming on Android TV or chromcast devices, actually it’s quite different form treaming on nest hub, we are still working with Google team to make this happen, need some time to achive.

free to reach us if any issues or suggestion, cheers.

Update: 1.26.2022
1, Talk form camera to nest hub, supported.
2, Talk from nest hub to camera, expected available in summer 2022, wating for Google team to open this feature.
3, Streaming on Android TV and Chromcast devices, expected available in summer 2022, wating for Google team to open this feature.

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Great. Many Thanks
Streaming on Android TV is a very very good feature.

Test this on google Home Hub:

when I look at cameras on the hub and then watch the news via NTV (or other), the image of the news is displayed sideways, at least it tries. In order to fix this problem, I have to switch off the hub for a short time, then foreign videos are displayed correctly again.
The problem does not exist with Google Nest Cams.

Hi Thomas, would you please take a picture or short video for this issue?it will be a great help.

First Picture is the Camera Feed, 2nd the News.

After that i must restart the Hub