Sonoff IP camera on Google home

Hi. My sonoff IP Camera won’t appear under Google home. Any solution

Hey there, you’ll be able to view the camera on Google Home after you subscribe to eWeLink Camera Plan. Please kindly note that this is a paid feature. Right now, only Sonoff CAM Slim and Sonoff GK-200MP2-B (Cloud Storage version) support eWeLink Camera Plan subscription. Features of the camera plan depend on hardware capabilities, and currently the two models above supported. To confirm if your camera supports the subscription, please check the Service button with a cloud icon in the camera live streaming page.

Hi there thanks for responding I’m using sonoff gk-200mp2-b and this is what I’m seeing

Kindly assist with step by step how to make it work on google and I’m also on advanced account.

Hey there, thanks for the pic. Actually this camera you own does not support Camera Plan due to the limitation of hardware capabilities. Since you’re not able to subscribe to eWeLink Camera Plan, you don’t have the access to sync the camera to Google Home.

Can you advise on how to get the right camera. Epecs

Here you go:
This is a SONOFF new camera, compatible with eWeLink Camera Plan. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions:D