[Public Test is opening now] View your eWeLink support camera live stream on Echo Show and Google Nest Hub

Dear users,

All eWeLink users are welcome to test this feature, as long as you have an eWeLink support camera, like SONOFF camera and an echo show, or Google Nest Hub,
Just beginning with a simple voice command to your smart speaker after account linking, like “Alexa, show the camera”.

Here are some tips to help you get a better start,
1, Please make sure your eWeLink ID is linked with your Alexa ID or Google ID

about account linking
Link to Alexa in 3 seconds
How to link Google Home

2, Please check your camera for testing has already been synced in your Echo Show* or Google Nest hub

*Generally, device sync to Alexa or Google is automatic in silence, if you can’t find the camera on echo show, say “discover devices” to the speaker to trigger a sync.

3, You can start view by using one of the following utterances:

Alexa, show the front door camera
Alexa, talk to the camera/Alexa, speak to the camera*

and you can end streaming by using one of the following utterances:

Alexa, go home.
Alexa, stop the camera.

Your feedback and ideas are worth most like always, let’s shape eWeLink features together and spark the next one,
Inspire, engage with all eWeLink users.

Please NOTE:
a. This Public Test is expected to be open until around March 20th
b. To ensure stability and enroll a wider range of users, the maximum duration of each viewing connection is 5 minutes for now.

Open the post’s tracking feature to get the latest progress. Please check the pic attached.

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yeah, more camera features on the way :rocket:

Earlier post here

Previously, we invited some users as pilot testers to help us verify the feasibility of this feature, for which we are very grateful.

View the previous info here [Pilot feature testing]View your SONOFF camera on echo show and Google Nest hub

After more than a month of internal testing, we decided to conduct a public test, so that more users can get access to this feature, and can help us improve the technical architecture and stability of the service.

Public Test will be open expected next week, as long as you have an eWeLink support camera, like a SONOFF camera and an Echo Show, or Google Nest Hub, just a few steps needed to set it up.

Feel free to place any question or idea you may have, let’s shape this feature together.

Rolling broadcast daily, please stay tuned with us.

Open the post’s tracking feature to get the latest progress. Please check the pic attached.

–Thursday Rolling Broadcast:
Our tech team is still working on the public testing. Two-way talking is ready to Echo Show, but note that Goolge Nest Hub doesn’t support this feature. The minor bugs are fixed and things progress well so far. Only a few days away from this public testing!

–Friday Rolling Broadcast:
Doing the final part of the feature, like adding max. viewing duration to make sure the live streaming stability. The public test is almost ready. Can’t wait to get started.


Happy to be part of testing

Welcome to our forum! It’s our pleasure to have you join in the testing. We look forward to your feedback.

Here are some screen shots that pilot test users send to us earlier,
Looking forward MORE from you





Beside google and alexa display devices. Is it possible to support other display device that runs on google assistant such as the xiaomi smart clock? I saw it was able to stream eufy camera to that screen.


let’s do some research to learn how to integrated,
It’s possible as long as the display devices supporting webRTC and have an open API for treaming.