eWeLink Camera App is the first app to watch video on Echo Show & Google Home

You can now watch the LIVE video on both Amazon Echo Show & Google Nest Hub

As we all know, the announced eWeLink Camera App’s main and important function is to turn your phone into IP cameras, and then in order to make it easier for the eWeLink Camera App to help you, eWeLink has been continuously optimizing the user experience.

Now we are proud to point out that eWeLink Camera App is the first application that enables you to watch video on Amazon Echo Show & Google Nest Hub

How to set?

  • Link your eWeLink account with Amazon Alexa/Google Home.

  • Sync your device to Amazon Alexa/Google Home app, add the camera (your phone) to a house.

  • Say “Hey Alexa/Google, show House camera.” when you want to watch the LIVE video.

Specific voice commands vary from different devices.

A few features that you may not have been aware of in the new version V1.2.0:

Watch eWeLink Camera app’s video on eWeLink Web
Can browse eWeLink Web on PC & IOS

  • Free Plan users can set up one free home security camera, for Advanced Plan users, you can set up to 5 camera in one eWeLink account. For more info, visit https://vip.ewelink.cc/