Common Qestions about eWeLink camera App

Common Qestions

Q: Can eWeLink Camera app and eWeLink app be installed on the same phone?
A: Yes. Please make sure that you log in to two different accounts when you install the two apps on one phone.

Q: How do I bind eWeLink camera with other smart devices in eWeLink app?
A: In eWeLink app, tap on the device you want to bind the camera to. Tap the camera icon on the top-right. Select ‘eWeLink Camera’ and tap ‘save’. You will see the eWeLink camera has been added to the page of the desired device.

Q: What do I if there is no live camera feed at all?
A: There are several potential causes for this problem. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot.
1.Ensure that your smartphone is compatible with the eWeLink Camera app.
2.Check if you have allowed all permissions to eWeLink Camera.
3.Make sure your internet connection is working.

Q: How can I have more than 1 camera device?
A: Currently, free users can add 1 camera device to eWeLink app. You may upgrade to the advanced plan to add up to 5 camera devices or pro for unlimited camera devices.

Q: How do I update eWeLink Camera app?
A: Tap ‘Settings’. If there is any new version available, you will see a red dot beside the version number. When you see this, open the Google Play to update the app.

Q: How do I use my Echo show as a viewer device?
A: First of all, make sure you have linked your eWeLink account with your Alexa account.
Then log in to eWeLink Camera and point your camera to object of interest.
Lastly, say ‘Alexa, show me my camera’’ and Echo show will play the live video from eWeLink camera. Note:Change ‘My camera’ with your real camera device name.

Q: How do I use my PC/Mac as a viewer device?
A: After logging in to eWeLink Camera and positioning your camera to the object of interest, log in to eWeLink Web on your PC/Mac. Refresh the device list and click on eWeLink Camera to view the live camera feed.

Q: What devices and systems does eWeLink Camera app support?
A: The eWeLink Camera app is compatible with any Android smartphone that runs on Android 5.0 and above.

Q: Where do I watch the live camera view from eWeLink Camera?
A: Please note that you have three options for the viewer device, another phone, eWeLink Web, or Echo Show.