PSA: Sonoff Slim Cam -Alexa support is misleading

I bought the new product Sonoff Slim Cam or Cam Slim, they call it. The ad says it works with Alexa.
I haven’t seen it work with Alexa. I reported two issues immediately. 1) Does not show up in Alexa Devices.
2) Micro SD car formats but then when enabling local recording, it fails. No matter how many SD cards I try.

I reported the two problems to Sonoff T.S. After a week delay, they answered incorrectly that the camera requires the eWelink Advanced Plan. It does not. I challenged that reply. Then they came back and said, it requires a Camera Plan. No where in their add or literature do that show that before I bought the camera.

They ignored my issue with the SD Card failing to turn on local recording.

I am so pleased, I only bought one. I am trashing it because the design it terrible, the support is worse.
(And I am a big fan of Sonoff products, have more than 4 dozens in my house.)

Hi there, sorry for any unhappy experience.
As for works with Alexa and Google Nest, it does need camera plan subscribed, cus AWS charges us every minute when streaming to Alexa or Google Nest, the root reason of this is we need to transfer the protocol to WebRTC compatible.
And SONOFF official site place a tip about this

As for the TF card issue, will loops SONOFF team for further dig and help.

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I am sure that SONOFF support will give you a good solution.
Until now they always solved my problems and they are very professionals.

About the SD Card problem… I still face some problems with that in my GK-200MP2… sometimes the camera nows that the card is there, sometimes it forgets… hope that new firmware versions solve this…

I’m also a great fan of SONOFF products and also a great fan of their support team

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eWelink Staff member. Thanks for the reply. I gave up on the product. I actually gave the camera to a neighbor that I have a minor problem with. I told him, here - peace offering. Told him it was near new and I got it for free. I didn’t want him to know, I paid for it and was giving him a problem product. He’s asked twice now, if I had any problems with and I lied through my teeth. He’s having problems, so my revenge is complete.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: