Sonoff camera 2 way audio on ewelink web and/or homeassistant integration

I wish to see the integration of 2-way audio for both Sonoff “Slim Cam” and “GK-200MP2” not only using the Ewelink phone app, but also using “Ewelink Web” and, most of all, using some sort of integration in Homeassistant: will be ever possible?

Thanks for the suggestion. We surely will discuss this feature with the team later.

By the way, may I know how often you will need two-way audio when using eWeLink Web?

Thanks for the answers,
since I’m using homeassistant i do not use ewelink web and app a lot now, not like i used to do some time ago, but the 2 way audio (rtsp backchannel, onvif profile T, etc etc) implemented in some sort of integration in homeassistant or ewelink web/cast let me imagine the cam used in a scene or automation as a part of DIY video doorbell and/or intercom, in this case i will be using it al lot, much more than using the 2 cams i own as simple security cams :wink:

Thank you for the information. The feature request has been brought to our team. We surely will evaluate it first.