Sonoff support - Not answering

On the link below is saying to contact Sonoff Support [1]

I wondering if someone is having the tickets answered, because I’m not having success in receiving any answer.


It takes 4 or 5 days for them to reply. I’ve had a ticket open for 12 days and just made it past the admins, but no tech yet. :man_shrugging:

There are hundreds of tickets in queues to handle, the reply may delay.

If the issue is urgent, please let me know the ticket id so I can arrange to answer in advance.

Thanks for your support.

They just resolved my problem today… didn’t take long, just 3 days

I’m still waiting after 15 days… Very poor response

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It normally takes 1 week to 4 months for support to respond.
When they do respond they will ask you for screen captures of the screen captures you sent them 6 months ago. 3 months later they will respond asking you if it’s still occurring. A few months after that they will say all your device are defective and to Contact Sonoff… Sonoff will try to help with the app issues but ultimately Ewelink and Sonoff Customer Service agents and Engineers are not allowed to talk to each other. Which is all by design to deny responsibility.

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