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Wrote back on 5th Dec. No replies.
The manual tool- can’t even log in!


Please try the new version of updating tools attached in the tickets, let me know if it works for you.

I can’t access any messages sent via the app.
The short video might explain:


(Attachment Video.mp4 is missing)

Don’t worry, please send me your email address and i will let Eric know, he will send the new tools and tutorial via email.

I have send a email to your Gmail address, please check and let’s go from there.

ok. Thanks


Hi, this is a bug on their eWelink app.
When they send an attachment to the customers, we can’t download it. It always says “file xxxx is missing”

Let me check.

We have located a file uploading issue when the file is exceed the volume limits, will fix it ASAP, thank you for your feedback.

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Just an update here:

Item 1 (Philips Hue lights is not working and make the NSPanel Pro), eWelink staff is saying it’s not compatilbe and one day maybe it will be :thinking:
Also, the topic about this issue has been unlisted.

It’s a ZIGBEE device. How it’s not compatible?

Submited the ticket using the “Feedback” feature… I received an answer saying it will be fixed and than no answer anymore.

The Philips devices are not following the standard ZigBee protocol :joy:

Exactly, even though they are called ZigBee devices, lots of the end-decices can not be connected seamlessly because each manufacturer uses diff-branch or version of the ZigBee protocol, and Philips is even more special, as the initiator of the ZigBee protocol, they basically use their own customized protocol extension to protect their ecology instead of the standard.

Zigbee 3.0 is aimed to solve the issue, but for now, not so optimistic from my perspective.

Sorry, but can you be more specific? How do you know Philips is not following the standard protocol?

If they are not following the Zigbee protocol, they cannot put a Zigbee logo on their devices.
Zigbee is an standard protocol (IEEE 802.15.4)

On NS Panel is saying: “NS Panel meets Philips Hue