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Wrote back on 5th Dec. No replies.
The manual tool- can’t even log in!


Please try the new version of updating tools attached in the tickets, let me know if it works for you.

I can’t access any messages sent via the app.
The short video might explain:


(Attachment Video.mp4 is missing)

Don’t worry, please send me your email address and i will let Eric know, he will send the new tools and tutorial via email.

I have send a email to your Gmail address, please check and let’s go from there.

ok. Thanks


Hi, this is a bug on their eWelink app.
When they send an attachment to the customers, we can’t download it. It always says “file xxxx is missing”

Let me check.

We have located a file uploading issue when the file is exceed the volume limits, will fix it ASAP, thank you for your feedback.

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Just an update here:

Item 1 (Philips Hue lights is not working and make the NSPanel Pro), eWelink staff is saying it’s not compatilbe and one day maybe it will be :thinking:
Also, the topic about this issue has been unlisted.

It’s a ZIGBEE device. How it’s not compatible?

Submited the ticket using the “Feedback” feature… I received an answer saying it will be fixed and than no answer anymore.

The Philips devices are not following the standard ZigBee protocol :joy:

Exactly, even though they are called ZigBee devices, lots of the end-decices can not be connected seamlessly because each manufacturer uses diff-branch or version of the ZigBee protocol, and Philips is even more special, as the initiator of the ZigBee protocol, they basically use their own customized protocol extension to protect their ecology instead of the standard.

Zigbee 3.0 is aimed to solve the issue, but for now, not so optimistic from my perspective.

Sorry, but can you be more specific? How do you know Philips is not following the standard protocol?

If they are not following the Zigbee protocol, they cannot put a Zigbee logo on their devices.
Zigbee is an standard protocol (IEEE 802.15.4)

On NS Panel is saying: “NS Panel meets Philips Hue

OMG… I totally agree. I’ve been rehashing the EXACT same thing for OVER ONE YEAR with support.
Every couple weeks when they get around to responding, it’s the same the same generic questions over and over again.
It’s as if they don’t even bother to read ANY of the messages.
At one point they told me that their engineers determined that all 28 of my Sonoff devices were defective and to contact Sonoff for a replacement for what is CLEARLY and issue with the Ewelink app/servers.

Months go by and they ask if I’m still having the same issues. Now they are respond by cut and pasting my own response to them, and follow up by asking if I had a chance to review my own response to their questions.
Eric has to be the worst CS rep for any company on the planet…

Hi, sorry for the NO-satisfied experience first, and would you please let me know what’s the issue that bothers you exactly? randomly OFF like @antonello.zulian AZ suffered before, we have already fixed it, AZ have confirmed and works with us finished the verify part. BTW, i’m also think that all your 68 devices is defective is impossible.

In short, Zigbee have reserved some places in the data-formats, which lots of Brand used to customized their own capabilities and extra features etc, and we can not parse the data sent to the NSPanel Pro due to this.

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NS Panel Pro is not able even to make the pairing.

Philipe Hue is compatible with many other devices, like Smartthings, Amazon Echo, HomeAssistant, etc.

NS Panel Pro is, according to Sonoff, compatible with Philips Hue, but this is not what I’m seeing on the light model LWA010 (Philips Hue).

I don’t have this LWA010 (Philips Hue) and far from i know that if it’s not supported, basically because that the devices is not a Zigbee 3.0 devices and strictly following the standard protocol.

Have you tried that the LWA010 (Philips Hue) is compatible with Smartthings, Amazon Echo? how does it work?

My issue is that devices (motion, door, temp, etc…) all randomly go missing from the eWeLink app.
Most connected to ZbBridge. By missing I do NOT mean ‘offline’ it’s as if they were deleted. The device count goes own by the number of missing devices, they no longer appear anywhere in the app. Although their history still shows in Message - Notice. They do not reappear, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The only way to get them back is to manually reset the devices and re-add them.
At first over 1/2 my devices went missing, then it was about one per day until I started resetting them.
For the past 4 months or so I average about 1 device per week go missing.
It is totally random, what device and when.

eWeLink asked exactly when they went missing.
I said as far as I am aware there is no place in the app I can tell exactly what time the devices go missing / deleted, or if they were offline at the time they go missing. I do not monitor the app 24/7 to catch it live.

eWeLink - After an initial investigation you suspected the issue may be related to the firmware of my gateway and escalated it to the Sonoff team.

eWeLink - is everything was back to normal.

Me - are you asking if the devices re-appeared then no & they are still going missing.

eWeLink - we have preliminary conclusions but need to verify it, asked me to provide a video while replicating the problem.

Me - What specifically are you asking me to do as it’s random. I can’t possibly leave the eWeLink screen open on my phone 24/7 hoping to record a device go missing.
*I did share additional screen shots showing my device count, another one where it went down by one and another showing the notice of that sensor chaining state shortly before.

Another week went by and I messaged asking again what they wanted me to do.

eWeLink- Thank you for bringing it to their attention, does the problem still persist,
suggested uninstalling and re-installing the app for the 3rd time, and said if it did they would arrange a dedicated engineer to check the root cause. Also asked “if re-pairing improve”.

Me - Explained, they do not reappear. Resetting by pushing the reset button and adding hem as if a new device is the ONLY way to get them back.

The following week eWeLink - apologized, stated it’s possible that it’s due to either distance or obstacles cause a poor signal or the power supply of sensor being low.

Me- Explained that a signal issues would cause the device to go offline and it would say so in the app. It would NOT cause a device to go completely missing in the app. I explained it’s not a signal issue, nor a signal issue with the bridge itself.

*Battery powered sensors have battery’s not power supplies, the batteries are all good, I changed batteries and even swapped them to other devices. If it was a battery issue the battery from the missing device would not work for months after in a different device or for months after having to re-install the missing sensor.
The bridge is receiving full power, at one point I even swapped the bridge out to a second (unused) one and the same thing.

One month later eWelink - sorry to say that, after looking into your issue it seem there is a problem with your device. We regret to inform you there isn’t anything further we can do to help. Reach out to the seller and inquire about a replace for your devices.

Me - I sent Sonoff a message copying that you (eWelink) said they were all defective and suggested that Sonoff replace all 27 devices and the bridge.

eWeLink - located the problem here because of a hardware problem, but weather Sonoff can replace them is not up to me. Hope you find a perfect solution.

2 months later eWeLink - thank you for bringing this to out attention, does the problem still persist. I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app first, if the problem persists we will arrange a dedicated engineer to check the root cause of the problem for you.

*Essentially a cut & paste of the earlier response.

Me - Yes the problem still exists. But now only about once device a month goes missing.

eWeLink, responded with a cut and past of the message I sent them. Nothing else…

eWeLink, then responded asking if I had a chance to review their most recent comment.

Me- Are you asking if I had a chance to review the cut & paste of my own comment.

eWelink - apologies that it has not been resolved, asked if there is a fixed rule for the date of the device message.

Me - they disappear randomly.

eWelink - Do they disappear regularly.

Me - Again they disappear randomly, not regularly.

eWeLink responded sincerely apologizing for the ‘inconvenience’, that they take my feedback seriously, and they formed a dedicated team to address and resolve this issue promptly and they are actively working on finding a solution, and will reach out immediately if they have any updates or developments.

*other messages sent previously and in the meantime over the past year. Hard to keep track of all the nonsense.

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Let me talk to eWeLink CS team and SONOFF team both to catch up the previous information, and get back to you later.