Devices are offline after changing router

I have 5 Sonoff basic switches. All the same. All worked perfect. I changed today my router. I named my 2.4 network with the same name as the old one. One Sonoff automatically stayed online, all others offline. I paired one that worked. The other three were paired but automatically went offline. I tried to remove them and setup them up again, but still offline. I´m really frustrated. I found no reason why 3 out of the 5 don’t work when there are all the same product, closed to the router, using 2.4. Anyone has any idea on how to fix it? Thanks to all.

Giving the same SSID does not always result in a seamless replacement of the old router with the new one. There are many other factors to take into account. Basic devices in older versions are extremely naughty when connecting to a router. Especially if that router supports the latest developments. Some do it straight away, others require patience and a lot of harsh words.
First and foremost, turn off the 5GHz band when connecting your Basics to your router. Reset the most resistant ones according to the manual and select ‘compatible pairing’ mode.

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Seems to be a “get lucky” situation. 5 GHz is off, device is paired using a 2.4 GHz and appears offline. The weird situation is:

  • 1 switch was working automatically after I changed the modem
  • 1 switch had to be paired and got online as a charm
  • 3 switches (same model, bought all together) are paired and offline.

I’m patient but I think I ran out of options (modem reseted, app reinstalled, switch removed from the power and wired again). Should I keep trying? any suggestion? Thanks!

Keep calm and wait for some time, like 3~4 hours.
Observe if you Basic devices have obtained unique IP addresses and if your router maintains links with them. If links are not maintained (devices offline), it may be a problem with your router: WPA version or the length of your passkey and/or characters used. In this respect, Basic devices behave unpredictably, especially older models. In this respect, Basic devices behave unpredictably, especially older models.
From my experience, not all Sonoff Basic switches are the same, even when bought together. Another example - I have three Sonoff units based on the same Espressif chip. Two of them only support WPA2 and one can cope with WPA3. I have not determined why this is the case.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll wait the 4 hours and try again. Let me ask you a silly question…how do I check if the offline devices have obtained unique IP? Length of passkey should not be a problem as I named the network the same as it was before with the same password that devices used to use before the change of modem.

Open your router’s interface and look for LAN settings or something alike. If there are any problems or conflicts, you’ll see warnings.

You may want to disable passkey temporarily and see what happens.