Device Offline after adding device

Hi, I have multiple Basic R2 that are showing offline.

I can delete the device from the app and add the device without a problem. When the device is added is shows offline and blinks ever 2 sec.

I assume it is a router problem/issue. Anyone some ideas?

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I have at least a few ideas, but without more information it is difficult to make an intelligent guess. Write something more detailed about your WLAN.

WLAN is 2.4gh WPA2-AES and WPA2-TKIP. Good connectivity an paththrough

Any 5GHz WLAN? If any - is the SSID the same as for 2,4? IP management is done with DHCP, right?

Different SSID for 2.4 and 5GH. Yes, DHCP is active, Google as DNS provider

Temporarily make your net an open one. Or create an open guest network. Be sure to change settings for your app. Reconnect your devices and check it out. Let us know about the results.

Problem. I could add a device but once added it was shown as “offline”
Solution. It was a router problem. There were 3 SSID setup

  1. Standard 2.4 GH - SSID: “Standard”
  2. Standard 5 GH - SSID “5GH”
  3. Guest 2.4 GH - SSID: “Guest”

After deleting 2 and 3 the problem was still there. Resetting the router and only setting up 1 the problem was solved - all devices could be added and were online.

Once all devices were added and online, I could add SSID 2 and 3

Similar problemas here, 2 wifi different ssid 5 and 2.4.

Have 2 sonoff mini r 4 extreme, setup with the 2.4 wifi, they go ofline almost everyday for sometimes, after wich they come online again.