How many devices can we have with the same account?

How many devices can we have with the same account? I am many problems to add new devices.

Maybe your router can’t handle any more WiFi device. Also, can’t add Zigbee devices?

I can add the device but they still have always offline. I’ve tried many times and it still like that. And there is no WiFi devices connected to that rooter. I have connected to another tooters so… Its why I ask if there are a limit of connected devices to the app

There is no limit of devices you can add to the eWeLink app.

Although there are 2 things that can affect the correct operation of the devices with the app:

  • A long list can slow down the app.
  • Your local network might not be able to handle the amount of devices or might have a configuration issue.

In your case most likely a device has been incorrectly configured.

A few possible troubleshooting steps out of my head:

  • Try to turn of 5 GHz WiFi on your router/accesspoint during pairing.
  • Disable mobile data on your phone during pairing.
  • Try Quick Pairing if the device supports it: it often generates better error codes if you wait the timer to end.
  • Try Bluetooth pairing of the device supports it (most newer devices do). It is more hassle free and doesn’t require you to manually connect to the device hotspot or disabling 5 GHz.
  • Pay attention to theblinking pattern on the device.
  • Try with another phone. Preferable with another operating system (iOS, Android).

More troubleshooting steps may be added depending on your answers.

I did all and it doesn’t work. I I think the problem. Is the rooter. I it is Huawei OptiXstar HG8247X6-8N-10. There is anything that I must to do? I the rooter works very very well and with all the divices. I iti can do the paring but after paring, it is always offline. I don’t understand…

Check the DHCP Range. Maybe too small and your Router cannot give an IP Adress to your device.

But I need to change the DHCP range? For which option? What is strange is I can do the paring but after pari g it still be offline.

A time ago i Had this Problem too. There was No free IP within DHCP. So my Router could Not assign an IP to a new device.

If I router has a DHCP pool of only 25 adresses (e.g. - and the 30th device connects it might be able to conenct to the WiFi network, but it won’t receive an IP address as all available IP adresses of the DHCP pool are already occupied. So this results and a “connected, but offline” situation.
Often their are other causes of such a situation, but the situation @thomas1 describes is perfectly possible.