Zigbee bridge Pro disconnecting

Hiya all. I’ve installed a ZB Bridge Pro for a friend, it connects for about 5 minutes then disconnects and stays disconnected. I power it off then on, it immediately reconnects for 5 minutes then disconnects every time. Once it disconnects it never reconnects itself. Any thoughts?

I’ve had this happen. But it wasn’t the Bridge Pro device itself. It was my failure to pay attention to the number of devices that I have added to my network. Most routers, even the newest have a ceiling for how many devices can connect. Even the newest mesh routers have a ceiling per node. But unfortunately they have not provided a way to force a device to connect to a spare/extra/other node. So, even on these, when we hit the limit, the device won’t stay connected.

First look up the router specs and see what the limit is. Second download free app called Fing and run it to determine your connected count. If you are near the ceiling, you need to look for another router setup to fix or remove some stuff of the home network. Step 1 and 2, cost you zero to see if that might be the problem.

solved mine.

Thanks, I’ll try that

The green light is continually flashing, even if it’s turned off and on again? The instructions say it’s adding devices but it never stops flashing?