Device going offline in app after using device

Device works ok.
A setting is changed or device state changed in device.
Then device shows offline in app.
The device that goes offline isnt always the device that was used.
The offline device led does not change.
Image show fan device after setting was changed in another device ?

Do all your devices have this problem?

yes, if i use the app to change state of device or change a setting then one or more devices will show offline after.
sometimes as I tap a device on, it says offline and then shows offline but the device turns on. but its then offline and I cant turn it off.

It may be caused by the unstable WiFi connected to the devices. If they shows offline after control, please power off the router or devices and reboot them.

Done that many times, its a mesh WIFI, signal is good with downloads speeds even at end of garden of +40Mb
Devices less than 1m away from router do it.
Been happening 3-4 weeks.

Would you please raise a feedback ticket and tick “Upload corresponding information”?

I hope you have solved this by now. Sorry if you are still dealing with this after almost two months.

I suspect this is not limited to Sonoff devices on your net, you simply have not noticed other manufacturer devices doing same thing. This has the characteristics of a router/mesh node device limit having been exceeded. Look at the node that connects to the devices you are having a problem with. Count the devices. Check the specs on that mesh router - per node. Example eero 6e is 75 devices. Wyze’s new mesh router - node limit of 50. Highly likely that if you have exceed the count that the node allows, its bumping your devices off. Think of it as too many people at the dinner table with the elbows on the table. Everyone can’t sit there.

I’ve had this happen twice. Had to replace even an new eero 6e to solve it. We tend to not think (count) the devices as we add them. Then suddenly a problem and no alerts or hints is the cause.

Unlikely that you will be able to permanently shift some devices to another node and they stay there.

Hope this helps.