S40 devices in ewelink web


I have an advanced ewelink web account. I also have many s40 lite and s40 with power monitoring. All of the s40 devices say they are not supported on the ewelink website.

Thats kinda a big deal for me - i bought the advanced account for a reason, and if i cant use it with official sonoff devices i wasted my money

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Because different types of devices are regularly integrated into the web one by one, you may see that some devices do not support showing on the web temporarily.
I have forwarded your requirements to our development team to speed up the integration of this type of device.

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We have a new version planned to be available by the end of July, with several new devices integrated by then, GUI or tiles on the WEB are quite different between the one in the app, so when a new device launched, the APP will be supported first and then the other access, we are trying to launch several access at the beginning of device go to market, still finding a way to balance the workload.

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Much appreciated. Thank you. It helps knowing how it works!

We have a related discuss here eWelink web - #2 by yitie, about multi-login via eWeLink web and a new feature we called CAST which will be used to customizing dashboard as you like.

Look, the same thing happened to me, I have an advanced account, I paid for it. We spent about 2 months trying to solve the same problem, doing all kinds of tests. And in the end they gave up the technical support. I never give up when faced with a challenge. To the technical support that was helping me, I told him to send me to another person who tries to solve the problem and he did not help me. And the last thing that happened to me is that I restart the account when they put the first letter of your password in capital letters and I lost my advanced user account. THEY SHOULD NOTIFY YOU OF THIS. SUPER DISSATISFIED WITH THE ADVANCED ACCOUNT.

What exactly happened? Who are they?

The web integration is quite different between the app, and need to implement separately also, usually one or two months after the app integrated.

Hi, there, S40 have integrated to eWeLink web, please have a try.


Thank you!

Always pleasure, btw, do you using the web on an android tablet?

It will be more for my laptop. I have not used it much since i have many s40’s

Its a new world now that i can use it lol…just doing a quick test on my phone

Sure, are you using the other advanced features except the web, like the keyboard shortcuts?
What do you think of it? Is it easy to use and helpful?

I like the whole ecosystem. I dont think i would use keyboard shortcuts, but im going to be using ifttt.

I did install the camera gateway docker in my unraid server to check it out. Dont have any rtsp cams to play with at rhe moment.

Overall im impressed with everything thats been thought of.

Happy to make all happened with our users,

And it will unlock lots of possibilities to use IFTTT, and we are working on a new device which will have camera gateway’s feature build-in, lots work need to be done.

And a new way to setting dashboard of the web is on the way too.

I could not access my paid account when I put the password on my cell phone
without realizing that they put the first letter in capital letters.
In the end I put restart without realizing that it deletes my paid account

The trend graph of the energy usage as shown in my screenshot…

Could we get a trend graph for temp and humidity sensors too in web? App would be a bonus

Hi Juan, do you mean you deleted your account from Profil - the right corner gear icon - eWeLink Account - Delete Account?

Yes, we have bring the graphic trend of TH devices to the web, and the App, but only the NEW generation of TH supports, that’s limited by the data report capability of the chipset build in the old version.

I’m trying to make anything happen in response to current being drawn on an S40.

IFTTT does not recognize S40 for such IFs but it does recognize S40 for on/off IFs.

(Those on/off IFs are not useful to me as I want the switch to stay on always and only alert me when power is drawn.)

But even just looking at eWe itself… web dot ewelink dot cc /#/scene
(I can only include 2 links per post.)

…my S40 doesn’t show up under Smart Devices when I try to create a Scene.

They’re on the Dashboard. I can monitor my S40 visually. I just can’t do the scene stuff with them.

It looks like eWe might be aiming to implement some IFTTT functionality with the scene stuff?

Here is a trigger that WORKS with S40 on IFTTT…

Here is a trigger that DOES NOT work with S40 on IFTTT…

…I don’t think I can do this, but is all that is required, is for someone at eWe to update the current-trigger to support S40 ? Then I can respond to power-draw using IFTTT ?


I was only trying Scenes using the web interface. I see there are Scenes in the app (iPhone) as well too.

I can create a scene IF , Smart Device and see my S40 !

However the only thing I can respond to is ON or OFF … nothing to do with power draw for an always-on switch.

(And the actions seem pretty useless even if I did only want to respond to on/off … I can’t trigger any sort of alert. Maybe I’m missing something.)


For S40, we have 2 triggers and actions in IFTTT

1-Channel Switch turned on or off
1-Channel Plug turned on or off

Turn 1-Channel Switch on or off
Turn 1-Channel Plug on or off

So, you couldn’t set Voltage/Electric Current goes above or below. Of course, we often use Voltage/Electric Current to trigger in our daily life. We will talk with IFTTT to see if Voltage/Electric Current can be applied as trigger on S40