eWelink web


I use eWelink web and in fact it is useful and interesting - I use it on my computer - and I have some questions, If you can help?

1- I use the DUAL R3 to control the curtains as motor mode. It’s not working in the eWelink web, are there special settings for it or does it not support it?

2- Is it possible to change the icon locations in the Dashboard?

3- I want to use it on the tablet on a wall-mounted basis - but if I do that I can’t access from my computer (if I login from the tablet, I can’t login from the computer - one device for every user).

Thanks for help

Hi there, great feedback, sorry for delay response.

  1. for now, DUAL R3 only display as Switch tiles in eWeLink web, when the motor mode enabled, the Switch toggle will be disabled to protect the device, maybe considering find a different and proper tile for the moter mode, need some time.

  2. and 3., we are working on a new “add-on” feature for eWeLink web, which we called CAST, that will allow you to choose the devices under your account and display it in a separate dashboard and arranged as you like, multi-login will be enabled also by then, planned to roll out mid August.

free to let me know any other ideas.