R3-Dual the download of consumpiot doesn't work properly from eWeLink web

Hi, If I try to download from the eWeLink web the Excel with the consumption of the R3 Dual, I will get always only the consumption of one of the two channels.

If I try to check the consumption from the Android App then I’m able to get the consumption for each single channel as per expectation.

Do you know when this bug will be fixed?


May I know your Dual R3 device ID? will check it from our side to locate the issue.

Check by pairing a DUAL R3 with my account, maybe I know your issue,
the DUAL R3 display two tiles in eWeLink web correspond to two channels, so you need to download the historical data via each setting separately.


Hi, yes this is what I’m doing, but it is downloading always the data from the firsh channel.

I have 4 devices as of now

You can check on the month of May to get some data

Thanks in advance

Hi @yitie ,
Did you have the time to replicate the issue?
Let me know if you need more details.


Will check the logs with our tech ream tomorrow, get back to you ASAP.

That’s quite wire that the datas are correct of my DUAL R3.


We are working on this and expect a fix later tomorrow.

I can see that it is working now! Thanks a lot…
I found a minor defect now, for sure should not be in your priority but I want to inform you about it.

Just after that you do the download of the Excel, if you look to the KW info, you will see that it become ZERO.

Before download

After the download

One more suggestion if it is possible…
Each time that I click on a DualR3 Item and try to get the device Settings, then I’m not aware about which of the two channel I have opened.
I was thinking that maybe adding the info about which channel it is selected this will help the final users to don’t lose the focus.
I prepared a screenshot as suggestion, I hope that it will help :wink:

Does it still show zero after you select another month and back?

You can refer to what we discussed before on this issue: Status do DUAL R3 no eWeLink Web - Advanced Plan - eWeLink Forum

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No, in that case the data from the new month get shown without issue.

I think that this is just a UI issue, that after the download is done, then it is going to reset the consumed amount to Zero instead to maintain the current amount.

But again it is not critical.