DUAL R3 - Possibility of Separate the two Channels as per DUAL R2


DUAL R3 doesn’t allows the option to separate the two channels as Dual R2 does.
In Dual R2 is possible to show each channel as separate tiles in the eWelink App but in the DUAL R3, even when you are using it as a light switch (in motor mode, obviously, you can’t do it) is not possíble to show each channel as separate tiles.
Would it be possible to Sonoff bring an update to the DUAL R3 devices that allow them to display each channel as separate tiles, please?
As well you can consider, please, the option of “display as” to the DUAL R3 devices, once currently is not possible to change the icon.

Thank you for you attention.


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Hi, I’d like to involve @Daniel_Zhan from the Sonoff team to further assist.

many thanks for addressing this matter

Is Sonoff thinking in doing something about this, please?



please, any update about this?


The relevant update will be released on the next eWelink version.

many thanks for your feedback


As you said it, with 5.1 version of eWelink the option “separate tiles” is now available.
Many thanks for that.

However, in the Dual R2, when you choose “Show As Separate Tiles” a new option of “Display As” is promptly shown under and in the Dual R3 is not happening.
Can SONOFF, please, make this option also possible?

Up to today, Dual R3 don’t have the option to customize the tile icon and with this upgrade I am referring to that will be possible and very much appreciated, absolutely.

Thank you.


Replying to this post, when i added the device, show as separate tiles was shown, now it disappeared ! and i cant turn other dual r3 to be separated ! any idea why ?