Sonoff NSPanel Pro

Hello, I have just purchased a nspanel pro and I was wondering if there is a way to add and control only an individual channel from an sonoff 4ch pro device and not all of the channels. I only want one channel to be shown on the nspanel pro and not all of them. Thanks in advance!

I have noticed that there have a feature that allows us to separate the multi-channel devices into several one-channel devices, see the settings page of the devices, but I’m not sure if it can be selected to show in the NSPanel PRO, didn’t try yet.

Hi, I have already tried that and it’s not working… maybe Sonoff needs to add this feature with a future update.

Currently, the NSPanel Pro does not support displaying only one channel from a multi-channel device. I will forward your requirement to our product manager for further evaluation. If we have any plans to implement this in future versions, I will keep you posted. Thank you.