DUAL-R3 eWeLink-Remote not working

According to the documentation the DUAL-R3 can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateways however adding eWeLink-Remote devices to DUALR3 is not working, it can’t detect any sub-device (tried with 2 different R5 and S-MATEs). I have a couple of MINI-R3 and these do work as expected!

Any ideas or suggestions how to get it working? (I have already updated both devices to the latest firmware)


I have the same issue. I can’t get the DualR3 to work with ewelink remote. I’m guessing the product info is wrong and they haven’t released the correct firmware yet. It’s frustrating I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. Hope they fix it soon.

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Hi there, we are currently investigating the issue and believe there may be an underlying cause. We will provide updates on our progress as soon as possible.

@StephenJ any updates on this?

@tambet @nathan
Hi there, thank you for your feedback. We have taken note of the new firmware version V1.5.0 released for the DUAL-R3, which includes the feature of using it as an eWeLink-Remote gateway and adding remote devices as sub-devices. Please note that firmware updates and their functionalities are independent of the eWeLink cloud platform.

Based on your feedback, it seems that there might be an issue with this particular feature on the DUAL-R3, possibly related to RF malfunctions. We have already reported this problem to the firmware team at SONOFF. To resolve this issue, we recommend reaching out to your manufacturer for further assistance and guidance.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience as we work towards resolving this matter. If you have any other questions or require additional support, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

Hi Stephen, I have just started installing sonoff device and still learning as I go.

I have installed a Sonoff Dual R3 switch which works as expected at my front door for my garden lights.
Next to it I have the garage light i want to control with the ZBMini-L2.
I note the Dual R3 has ewelink sub devices that can be connected.

Can the ZBmini-L2 be connected to this Dual R3 sub device ?
Thus the ZBMini-L2 connects to the Dual R3 via Zigbee Protocol and the Dual R3 does the WIFI connection so that both devices can reach the ewelink cloud

If not what are these sub devices ?

Hi there, based on my knowledge, the latest firmware update for the Sonoff Dual R3 allows it to function as a gateway for remote devices. In theory, this means that the Dual R3 should be able to connect to remote sub-devices. However, to get a more detailed answer about which remote sub-devices can be added to the Dual R3, I recommend reaching out to the SONOFF team. They will be able to provide you with specific information regarding device compatibility.

@StephenJ! I just tried, adding subdevices with the latest Dual R3 firmware 1.5.0 doesn’t work.

Thanks Stephen,

Will ask them in due course

Thanks & Kind Regards,

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Hi I just found an article from itead.cc and this article introduces some information of REMOTE gateway and sub-devices in detail, you can take a look.

The documentation says “DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateways” and I have tried to add 2 different S-MATEs and it’s not working, no sub-devices get detected. I also tried with a different DUALR3 and still nothing (both DUALs have the latest 1.5.0 firmware).

Adding S-MATEs to the MINIR3 however works as expected.

@tambet did you managed to add the R5 to the Dual R3 has a sub-device?

I have also problem with connecting R5 and DUALR3. Everything is up-to-date. Any solutions here?

Nothing here.
I just bought a b05-bl-a60 and I’m using it has the gateway.

No, as I said said before, can’t add any sub-devices to DUALR3, I have the latest firmware and have tried with multiple different devices - nothing!

We have tested the R5 and DUALR3 on our side and the eWeLink Remote works flawlessly.
If possible, would you please send us the faulty samples (including DUALR3 and R5) so our team can figure out the root cause?
Please submit a ticket in our official support system from the below link:

Our team will reach out to support you ASAP

Where we can find faulty samples? I recorded video, look:

I also submit ticket (#517411) but your colleague wants to send back DUALR3 and R5, but I explained him everything in email (as last answer).

Hi Daniel. I also have 2ea R5 and 2ea DUAL R3 and they also don’t work. I think you are the one having different hardware/software as I have not seen anyone using DUAL R3 eWeLink remote functionality.
I had to connect the R5s to one MINI R3

One more issue report from my side.
Tried two different R5s with five different DualR3 Lite and one Dual R3.
No success to add any of these two R5s as a sub device to any of these six remote gateways.

All updated firmwares to 1.5.0 and ewelink app to v4.34.1.

I’m having the same issue with a Dual R3 Lite (Firmware version 1.5.0) and R5 - Unable to add the R5 as a sub device.