DUAL R3 and R5


I have Dual R3 for control the roller shutter and I tried to pair the R5 but without sucess.

Can you help me please, it is not compatible?

If is not compatible, what you suggest me for can work DUAL R3 and R5?

With Gateway solve the problem?

Many thanks.

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Hi there, the R5 switch can be added to the DUAL R3 as the sub-device. Please refer to this video to pair:

Hi @StephenJ

I have tried many times and no success, I believe on the video have Gateway on the side.

I believe I need the one Gateway, any one can confirm that?

thanks :pray:

Yes, you are correct. In the video, there is a Remote Gateway shown on the side during the pairing process at 0:36. However, please note that the video features the SONOFF M5 with the Remote Gateway, while you are using the DUAL R3. Despite the different devices, the process of adding sub-devices should be similar in the app.

If you are still facing difficulties in adding the device, I suggest recording a video of the pairing process. This will allow us to better understand the issue and provide more specific assistance. You can submit a form to our customer support team at this link and upload the video: https://help.ewelink.cc/hc/en-us/requests/new

Our support team will be more than happy to help you resolve the problem.

Thank you for your understanding.

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same issue here, impossible to pair R5 to a Dual R3.
the only “solution” was to pair it to a mini R4 extreme. :frowning:

Hi @enrico.mcc

Yes, but for my case is not solution, I use the DUAL R3 for roller shutter and the Mini R4 extreme no have that function.



I will try to do video and report.

Many thanks.

Yep, fully agree, that’s not a solution.
I hope that the developers will fix this bug

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Yes, the same issue also here. Can’t pair R5 with DUALR3.

Dual R3 has issues with the eWeLink remote feature that was already assumed by Sonoff as I can recall even on this forum. All other eWeLink remote enabled gateways work perfectly with R5 but not the dual R3s

Hi there, thank you for reaching out and letting us know about this issue. We have been closely monitoring this problem and have also conducted pairing tests in our office, and paired the DUAL R3 with the R5 successfully. The DUAL R3 has been upgraded with firmware to function as a remote gateway. Based on our experience, this issue might be caused by an incompatible firmware version upgrade or hardware incompatibility.

I suggest reaching out to your seller or manufacturer for further assistance. If you have purchased SONOFF products, you can also contact the SONOFF team at support@itead.cc for support.

ok, but how can we know if it’s an hardware or firmware issue?
As you well know is not easy or convenient to basically tear down our homes because it might be an hardware issue.
What Dual R3 firmware version is 100% sure working?
does the R5 have firmware update capabilities?


My DUAL R3 version print screen and I can’t pair the R5

@StephenJ maybe you have Gateway and because that you can pair the R5.

Hi @StephenJ
What equipment do I need to pair the Dual R3 with R5? Besides the Dual R3 and R5, obviously :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

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@ruibritosantos @Milastrix @enrico.mcc
Hi there,
It must be acknowledged that when issues occur with devices, it can be challenging for users to determine whether it’s a firmware, hardware, or software problem, which requires some knowledge of IoT technology. That’s why I usually advise users to submit a feedback ticket within the app first. Our support team will make an initial assessment of the problem. If the issue is not related to software, our support team will provide appropriate guidance.

When I consulted the main seller of R5, the SONOFF company, they are closely monitoring this issue. They hope that users experiencing this problem can send the problematic DUAL R3 back to SONOFF for further assistance. Therefore, if your devices were purchased from SONOFF, you can contact their team for further support.

Just need the DUAL R3 which featured the latest firmware version, and the R5 device.

Thanks @StephenJ !

Do you know if need the Remote Gateway to connect the R5 to the Dual R3?

With the firmware upgrade to V1.5.0 and eWeLink V4.28 and above, the Dual R3 can now function as a remote gateway, allowing you to add sub remote-devices.

Thanks for the help.
I’ll give it a try.

Have a great week!

@ruibritosantos please refer to this video :wink: start on 0:40