Good morning,

I don’t know if you will be able to tell me:

I bought a SONOFF Dual R3 to pair with a roller shutter motor (delta dore rollia motor).
On the engine documentation it is noted:
blue: neutral
brown: phase
black: local push button option…

Basically, black is not connected because I use a delta dore wireless remote control

My wiring is as follows: (the 3 wires on the left are those of the motor, the 4 on the right those of the ‘wall’)

Result, impossible to operate with the ewelink app: Nothing works on the telephone/roller shutter level despite the different modes used.
Only my wireless remote control always works but only in the ‘closed’ position in the app

Could you give me a little help?

Best regards,

The situation shown in the photo does not even roughly resemble the recommended method of connection. Take a look at the operating/mounting instructions and compare with the situation in the electrical box in your wall. It does not look the same and has no right to work properly.

If you are unable to cope, bring in an electrician. Better be safe than sorry.

are you sure ? because I think it’s the same right?

Right. Same as monozygotic twins :grin: