Dual r3 to control 3 way rocker


I am interested in getting a dual r3 to control my shutters.

I have a 3 way rocker switch which i controls the shutters.

I am controlling them with a zwave device and it is not working as expected. I am thinking of switching to sonoff but i want to confirm first.

I have a toggle switch connected to the device.
Up toggle opens the shutter
Down toggle closes the shutter

I also have a remote button that can also open and close the shutter.


  1. i press down toggle
  2. shutter closes
  3. i leave it like that, so the toggle remains as down
  4. on the remote button, i click to open the shutter
  5. shutter opens as expected

Now if i want to close the shutter from the toggle again. I can not put it on neutral and then down again. Somehow, s1/s2 work as inversed. I have to toggle up to close the shutter.


If i get sonoff, will i be able to close the shutters remotely while the toggle is in up mode? And after i open them, will the toggle up only be opening the shutter? And the direction will not be reversed?