Stop option for curtain/blinds/motor devices

Is there an ability for Sonoff devices recognized as Curtain Motor (or for Blinds) to have the ability to STOP the motor via Scene?

I only have the ability for ON/OFF, which triggers forward/reverse actions, but no ability to STOP.

PS. On the Home screen, there are ON | STOP (Pause) | OFF options, but the STOP one is not available withing Scenes

Have try the DUAL R3? Does it meet your requitment ?

I have the Sonoff Dual R3 with this problem: The Stop option is not available from an scene. Only Open, Close, and % options are available

I had this difficulty when I migrated from Dual R2 to Dual R3.

I have four curtains at home and those that use Dual R3 just can’t create scenes to “stop” the curtain.

This is frustrating, because it is possible to create scenes to “stop” the curtain in Dual R2, but not Dual R3.

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It will be supported in the next APP updated version.

Hello, I have the same problem with my King-Q4_EEW curtain switch and I find out that you have to set the open and close time on the switch himself, if you read the manual you should see how to do that.

Dear Daniel
Please let me know if it possible to add reverse button in order to link single button with curtain so when it on it will roll up when off it will stop and if it on again it will reverse (down)
On other words link other device button to act like S1 in dual r3

One more vote for Reverse option - in order to make a Scene and control on/off with a single button from the remote.