Dual-R3 integration to IFTTT or HomeKit

I decided to control my house with DUAL-R3, maily the motored blinds, but also many other accessories.
I got about 20 built-in DUALs and about same amount of MINIs.
The trouble now, as I am finishing the house, is, that I would like to start with integration and automations.
I bought a PRO bridge, where my confusion start. Bridge wont detect anything, event the sensors I bought with him. But thats not the issue.
The main question is, how to connect DUALs to something sophisticated like IFTTT or Homekit?
What is purpose of bridge when it cannot detect nothing? I got device doing literally nothing, just sitting and eating power.
Just hoping, that its not necessary to somehow reach physically DUALs, as all of them are in built … some behind the switches, but some are behind the light in the ceiling and hardly accessible.
Please, advice.
Thanks, Tom

Hi there, please kindly note that if you want to sync your dual r3 to IFTTT, you have to subscribe to Advanced Plan first. As for the compatibility of HomeKit, it’s decided by the hardware side. The manufacturer has to get authentication from Apple first.

Of course I have advanced plan.

But still have no idea what is the pro bridge for. And how to use it. Doesnt make any sense.

Since you have an advanced plan, you can follow this instruction to create an applet with Dual R3 in ITFFF.
eWeLink Works with IFTTT - eWeLink

What’s the full product name of your Pro bridge? The Zigbee bridge pro? Or NS Panel Pro?

Got this one https://www.alza.cz/sonoff-zb-bridge-p-d7471236.htm?o=3

The final idea is, that sensors at homekit detect high temperatures, then homekit will activate A/C on and Sonoff will roll down the outside windows blinds. But now struggling with finding a place, where both sonoff and homekit can work based on some conditions → delivering actions.

As for the Zigbee bridge, when you’re adding the sensors to it, are the sensors in pairing mode? Please make sure the sensors are in pairing mode. If they’re in pairing mode and your bridge doesn’t discover the sensors, please reach out to the seller. There might be something wrong with the bridge.

Since Sonoff devices are not HomeKit compatible, we could do nothing to bring Sonoff and other HomeKit-supported devices to work together.

Oh. So bridge is not a bridge?
I got also Ikea bridge and Philips bridge and both of them are working like “connecting point” between devices and Homekit.
I thought that I will be pairing Duals R3 and minis to that bridge … sooo … its different kind of bridge? :-o

The Sonoff Zigbee bridge is surely a bridge, however, please kindly note that it’s not a HomeKit compatible bridge. If you’re looking for a HomeKit supported bridge, please read carefully if there is any description about it on the product page. If there is no description, generally speaking, this bridge does not support HomeKit capabilities.

Using myself “Duals” and “Minis” you dont need a bridge for them to work. They are simply paired over wifi in the Ewelink app. Or did I miss something?

Well, I need my netAtmo weather station and Sensibo infra controller to work together / in conditions with duals.
I got all the stuff in homekit working perfectly, but cannot find a way how to control the blinds motors (duals)