Cannot conect R5 to non ewelink remote devices

Hi all,

I have recently bought a R5 remote scene controller and I have linked the 3 top gangs to a TX Ultimate 3 gangs and it works but when I try to link the rest of gangs to other devices like T0EU 3 gangs (non ewelink remote devices) it doesn´t work. I can create the scene but it doesn´t work. What´s the problem? TX Ultimate is not a Gateway for non ewelink remote devices? In that case, should I have to get a M5/MINIR4/S40 etc to do it?
In the other hand, I have discovered an Android app called ewelink remote gateway and it seems that I can use the tablet as a gateway, when the app is openned it appears as a gateway devide in ewelink but I don´t find the way to add the R5 to this gateway, does anyone how this works?
The best option is to use the TX Ultimate as a gateway for other no ewelink remote devices but if it is not posible perhaps the Android App is best option to avoid buying a gateway device.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Your description of the situation is incoherent and it is difficult to work out what you have done. Let’s start with the fact that TX Ultimate is an eWeLink-Remote gateway and you don’t need any application. Step by step it looks like this: You add R5 as a sub device to TX Ultimate. In the app on your phone, open the TX Ultimate card, go to “eWeLink-Remote sub-devices” and click “add”, then push any button on R5 to add successfully. Do not add R5 to anything else and do not repeat the described step for the other buttons. Adding R5 once is more than enough. Now go to scenes and create scenes for each of the 6 R5 buttons. Remember that each button supports 3 actions: click, double click and long press. In total, you can theoretically create 18 scenes, for 18 different devices. Be aware that with some devices, long press scenes do not always work correctly.

Hi Jam,

First of all, thank you for your answer.

I´ll try to better explain the situation. Let´s forget about the Android app, it doesn´t work.
The R5 has been correctly added through the TX ultimate “eWelink-Remote sub-devices” and appears in the phone, that is not my problem. Well, when I create a scene IF: R5 channel 1 is triggered THEN: TX Ultimate Channel 1 is reverse, I press R5 channel 1 and the scene works well but when THEN is a TX0EU the scence doesn´t work, I tried also with others device like a NS Pannel, S26, USB Micro and the scene only works when THEN is one of the TX Ultimates.
I mean when I create scenes between R5 and TX Ultimate it works, but when I create scenes between R5 and other no ewelink remote device it doesn´t work.

Take a screenshot of the problematic scene and post it here.

Scenes work in the eWeLink cloud. Where do you define them? In the eWeLink app on your phone?

If you create a manual “Tap to run” scene [IF: Tap to run, THEN: Smart Devices - a device that is not TX - On] does it work and does it turn on the selected device?

Terraza Atico is a Sonoff TX0EU1C device

The scene has been created on the phone.
“If you create a manual “Tap to run” scene [IF: Tap to run, THEN: Smart Devices - a device that is not TX - On] does it work and does it turn on the selected device?” Yes, it does.

It seems that the “eWelink remote gateway” devices don´t work as a bridge between R5/S_MATE and non eWelink remote devices and therefore the scene does not reach the cloud.


This image makes you think it’s possible, but in practice it doesn’t work, at least for me.

What do you mean when you write about “non eWelink remote” devices? What are they?

BTW: The illustration you inserted is from before the release of TX Ultimate.

I mean all the Sonoff devices without eWelink remote technology

I see. Well, it does not matter. When you add a remote control to a device that supports eWeLink-Remote protocol, you can control any other within your user account. In my case, it works flawlessly with WiFi, Zigbee and Matter devices. Both in the eWeLink cloud and with those connected to iHost, locally.
I looked at your screenshots. Everything seems normal. No clue what could be causing the problems. I’ll have another look later. Maybe from a distance I can see the problem? Maybe, in the meantime, someone else with fresh eyes will pop up with an explanation?

Thank you Jam, I very much appreciate your time and effort to understand my problem and my “english” :slight_smile:

English is not a concern. It is not my mother tongue either :nerd_face:

Exactly the same scene as yours works here as expected.

in your scene, what kind of device is “room”?

It’s a switch that controls lights.

and other question, what is the model of your eWelink remote gateway device where your R5 is linked as a eWelink Remote subdevice?

sorry to bother you… :slight_smile:

I have several R5 remote controls. Specifically, to reproduce your situation, I added one of the R5 to the M5 (named Room). Both TX Ultimate and M5 are ESP32-D0WD chip based and have identical communication characteristics.
So, it can be assumed with almost 100% certainty that they behave the same from the firmware side.
I still have no idea how to understand what is going on in your case with R5.

With that configuration (R5 as a subdevice of M5), can you create a scene between the R5 and other non-eWelink remote device like a TX0, TX1, BASICR2,S26, Micro USB, etc. and test if the scene works?

Yes, I can. I use such scenes on everyday basis.

I don´t uderstand then, I have written to ITEAD.
Thank you Jam, If a find the problem I´ll let you know

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