R5 / NSPanel / Zigbee & Ihost


I am having difficulty with setting the scene Using an R5 Remote in ewelink app and ewelink web. I have tried to set up a scene in the ihost (Local) but I can not see the paired R5 devices in the triggers list.

I have several Zigbee smart plugs and a ZBMINI Extreme paired to an NSPanel Pro and have Paral-sync running on an Ihost that bring the smart plugs and the ZBMINI Extreme into ewelink app and ewelink web successfully, I can now control the Zigbee smart plugs and ZBMINI Extreme manually and in scenes through ewelink app / ewelink web as well as through the Ihost.

I have an R5 remote paired to a MiniR4:
I have set up a scene in the ewelink app to switch the MiniR4 On & Off using channel 1 on the R5 - this works fine
I have set up scenes in ewelink app to use channels 2, 3, 4 & 5 on the R5 to trigger the zigbee smart plugs and ZBMINI Extreme, I can successfully create the scene but when I press the R5 buttons it does not trigger the selected Zigbee Device as set in the scene (I can get any other device to trigger just not the zigbee devices that are connected to the nspanel)

Is there an issue controlling Zigbee devices using the R5 or is this a bug?