Scene not responsive-Switchman R5-> SwitchMan M5

I noticed this week that a scene that I had set up previously is not responsive anymore.

Lights: Sonoff Basic R2 Wifi Switch
Remote switch: Switchman R5 connected to a seperate Switchman M5. Distance about 3 meters
Scene settings: If button on R5 press then reverse R2 Wifi Switch

Effect is that when I press the R5, it will toggle the light switch on or off.

This used to work well without issues until this week when I upgraded my NSPanel for another switch to the NSPanel Pro. Initially, I switch the R5 to connect to the NS Panel Pro instead and found that it was not responsive to the triggers, so I connect the R5 back to the M5 and reconfigure the scene as per above. This did not help, when I press the button on the R5, the scene did not trigger to turn on / off the lights for 80% to 90% of the time, now it only turns on/off occasionally after numerous press.

I checked the logs of the R5 on my Ewelink app and it does register the trigger, turning on and off the R2 light switch via the app also works, so my conclusion is that the scene did not trigger.
This issue does not affect only 1 R2 switch but also a couple of other R2 switches that I have set up.

Can I seek some help on how to troubleshoot this?

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It looks like the new eWeLink-Remote protocol suffers from bugs. I observed similar behaviour with S-MATE and M5. I haven’t found any satisfying solution. BTW, there’s no way to control Zigbee devices with eWeLink-Remote on iHost. The roadmap for iHost says it’s a future promise.

Hi there, please raise a support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Help & Feedback > Feedback. Our support team will look into it by reviewing your logs.

I have a similar problem. I have R5 combined with npanel pro. scenes triggered by R5 stopped working. but the problem only affects Zigbee devices. The Wi-Fi device activated by R5 works normally. in the ewelink application there is a message that the scene was completed successfully. I’ll add one more thing
that the ZigBee device activated by the motion sensor works normally. the problem is only with R5