R5 scene switch support

I have a R5 switchman that is conected threw a mini r4 when I pair the mini r4with the ihome cube will the r5 switchman still work?

It should be, i think sync the MINI R4 to iHost is just establish a control access via LAN, haven’t any influence with wired switch, @Daniel_Zhan would you please double confirm this, thanks.

I have the R5 set up as a ewelink remote sub-device in the MINIR4, the MINIR4 is working in ihome but there is no sections showing sub-devices in ihome.

1, How do I add the R5 Switchman to ihome?

2, Do I still use the ewelink app for the R5 switchman settings or will there be a way to make changes in ihome,

The iHost will support the eWeLink remote in Q4 as an eWeLink remote gateway. so you still have to use the APP to configure the eWeLink remote setting now.

BTW, the product name is iHost rather than iHome:)

Thanks for the update.
Sorry about the name thought I was typing iHost, I will make sure to proof read before posting :thinking:


I added the R5 to ihost and it works.

But can I connect the R5 to minir4 and see the R5 status on ihost ?!

When R5 is added via MINIR4, it is not possible to see the status of R5 in iHost

But will be possible? is it on the roadmap?

Another question:

If I add R5 to iHost, can I use minir4 as bridge to ihost?

Same principle as the zigbee router

A bridge of what kind?

R5 → minir4(bridge communication like zigbee) → iHost

Otherwise R5 must be close to the iHOST

There’s no such thing as eWeLink-Remote bridge. What’s the distance between R5 and iHost in your location? In my place it works fine from a distance of ~20 m.

Distance is not a big issue. I can change the location.

But in this case, I stay depend of ihost for any ewelink sub device.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. If distance is not an issue, what is?