Can not connect R5W to iHost

I’ve tried rebooting, turning EWeLink remote sub device on and off
I’ve tried even buying a second R5W but to no avail!

Why is it so difficult to get a Sonoff device to function on a Sonoff hub…

What are you trying to bind your R5 to?

My iHost?

You can’t bind any eWeLink-remote device to iHost.

What? It’s a feature inside of iHost??

From iHost:

Add eWeLink-Remote Sub-devices

Click “Start Pairing” button and place your eWeLink-Remote sub-devices as close as possible to the iHost. You can add up to 50 eWeLink-Remote sub-devices to your iHost.

Have you managed to connect R5 to iHost? No. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have asked about it on the forum.
You need to use the eWeLink-remote control pilot feature in /#/laboratory/remote.

Yes I enabled that. I assumed that was obvious

Please submit the system log of iHost in here or via feedback.
We’ll see what’s wrong.

I uploaded It on iHost feedback form few minutes ago

I assume he has a similar need to use R5 outside of eWelink for example in the Apple HoteKit application. But if I understand correctly, X5 is not supported as a matter device and cannot be added anywhere via iHost directly when i use iHost like Matter Bridge, the only thing I personally managed to do was add it to my MINIR4Etreeme and then add it to the home kit using the eWelink plugin for HB, but these are definitely crutches which we, as end users, absolutely did not count on. I also have a problem that, as far as I understand, cannot be resolved in any way now - this is the addition of Matter devices to eWelink since iHost is a bridge and not a Hub, and until the firmware turns it into a Matter hub, without NSP, you can also forget about it. None of the HACS addon-s and integrations of the docker version of HA were able to properly integrate R5.
There is also a problem that the eWelink 1. plugin kicks other devices out of the connection to eWelink account. 2. Doesn’t update anything automatically; a complete reconnection is required, or some non-obvious settings are needed, which remain a mystery to me personally. But I think since HB has nothing to do with iHost and eWelink there is no point in even discussing it here. Although the link to this method and plugin was in my opinion in the official videos, the plugin itself has verified status and even uses the official logo.
And of course why we want to use R5 outside of eWelink or CAST, because we cannot add devices that we want to manage in eWelink. My example its philips wiz bulbs.

You are Lucky eWelink REFUSES TO ADMIT THE 5 Items I own, EVEN EXIST!

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Give me a list of your Sonoff devices, I will try to help you.

Yeah think I’m done trying to make iHost work… Back to looking for another device.

The R5W seems rather limited in usefulness as there is no clear information on how to connect the device. Additionally, if you purchase it upfront, there’s no mention of needing a gateway, which can be quite misleading for consumers.

I am thinking about to return the my previous order.

I can not believe that no one from eWelink cares about this problem?

We’ve tested the R5W, and connect to iHost without any problem.
Can you provide your system log via feedback?
We’ll look into it.