Ihost no longer shows in ewelink app on my phone

Hi i need help. I removed ihost from the ewelink app on my phone to try and stop samsung smartthings from keep giving a popup on my phone thats say new matter device discovered do you want to add to smartthings, which cant be done as far as i know. Anyway i tried to add my ihost back to my ewelink app on my phone but it will not return to the app. If i go into the ihost local web browser i can see my devices still in the ihost and have logged out and back in to ewelink docker on the ihost but still the ihost doesnt show on my phones ewelink app. Im on the same network as my ihost. How do i get ihost to show again in my phones ewelink app?

I think they the plan was to remove iHost from the eWeLink app once it could be updated without eWeLink App. It sounds like you went from the old to the new system.

You don’t. It is not needed and, in fact, it never was.

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This is necessary if we want to use iHost as an RF bridge and use Sonoff lan HACS integration in HA. Now an example: in HA with R5 as an auxiliary device. 1st path R5+MiniR4 => you will get R5 plate in eWelink, the integration will be the same as binary sensor, I hope it works with blueprints for automation, and I’m sad that it still works with eWelink cloud, will check it tomorrow, because HA in the docker version there is no additional store with . If we have an iHost in eWelink, we will get a button like R5, I mean an iHost with the eWelink-remote experemental function. And when you connect R5 in the second way, then the R5 board in eWelink is missing only in the iHost all devices area web interface, and HA will get r5 as a 6-button remote with 3 possible events.

You can’t use iHost as a RF Bridge. No such capability exists in iHost.

Ok not rf bridge, eWelink remote hub, i don’t know what name is better… I’m just looking for options on how to connect my R5 with devices from other manufacturers. and so that it is flexible and convenient to use when assigning functions. without crutches and a tambourine. although this is also a tambourine, but without although. Locally everything works much faster. I also have problems with the Internet and electricity, the second problem is much easier to solve than the first.

Topic starter? Have you find way?

You can’t connect R5 with devices from other manufacturers. eWeLink-Remote is a closed, proprietary protocol. However, it is possible to control third-party manufacturers’ devices using R5 or S-Mate, provided you manage to bind them with iHost, for example.

if iHost exists exactly as an object in eWelink, then when using sonoff lan integration, then R5 gets into HA as a button. otherwise the first method and HB.or i will try one blueprint today but still clouds action, HB is local managment.

iHost is a local server. Therefore, it doesn’t support LAN mode.

HA? Do you mean Home Assistant?

HB? What the hell is HB?

HA - Home Assistant
HB - Home Bridge

Yes iHost - is a local server, in HA for rasberyPi etc have add-on eWelink, but no have it for Docker version, only HACS sonoff lan integration, that integration can works in 3 operating mode local, cloud and mix(if no have local then try cloud) and that integration get R5 from cloud like binary sensor. But if have iHost like gadget/plate in eWelink and R5 connected to iHost with experimental function eWelink remote subdevice, then that integration get R5 like 6 button remote with 18 events. And you can use R5 in automatization easy.

HB have eWelink addon and if you have connect R5 to any rf protocol devicce and see R5 like gadget/plate then you will get in HB 6 button remote.

But i don’t want use HB for 1 device! If you want i can make printscreens for you.

This integration is much better than “official” one from eWeLink.
Use Sonoff LAN (HACS) integration and bind your R5 to NSPanel Pro or any other (but iHost) supporting device. Then use it in HA automation, preferably with Sonoff R5 blueprint.
To be honest, I don’t really understand what your problem is. Do you know what it is?

My problem: end users want to use Apple Home app, not HA, and only official add-on give me that option. Because when i connect home assistant with sonoff lan integration etc i get crazy actions in apple home, and both add-on and integration works with R5 cloud commands, not with iHost, that mean if i lost internet connection my R5 not works anymore.

And yes i know about that blueprint.

If a device that R5 is bound to supports LAN mode, you can go without internet connection.
You need to remember that eWeLink-Remote was not designed as a universal remote-control solution. It is only through clever integrations that the options are expanded. You expect too much. You should have chosen some kind of Zigbee based scene switch.

Understand and i have aqara opple. But try works with R5 maybe i will fund some solution.

Can some one explain to me about rf bridge… if i understand right, i can connect R5 to rf-bridge, i mean each action on R5 can generate event to RF bridge, then sonoff lan get that like 18 buttons, and then i can use it in apple home. My question is how works rf brige, one way or 2 way? Its mean rf bridge generate action like copy only, or can get event from devices?

I no have NSP and dont want buy that device.

No, you can’t, because R5 is not a RF device. End of the story.