Ihost no longer shows in ewelink app on my phone

Hi i need help. I removed ihost from the ewelink app on my phone to try and stop samsung smartthings from keep giving a popup on my phone thats say new matter device discovered do you want to add to smartthings, which cant be done as far as i know. Anyway i tried to add my ihost back to my ewelink app on my phone but it will not return to the app. If i go into the ihost local web browser i can see my devices still in the ihost and have logged out and back in to ewelink docker on the ihost but still the ihost doesnt show on my phones ewelink app. Im on the same network as my ihost. How do i get ihost to show again in my phones ewelink app?

I think they the plan was to remove iHost from the eWeLink app once it could be updated without eWeLink App. It sounds like you went from the old to the new system.

You don’t. It is not needed and, in fact, it never was.

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