No ewelink devices on ihost

I received my ihost few days ago run ewelink cube add on an none of the devices in my network shows up in ihost.
Ewelink support are on it but I do not see any progress.
Any idea what is wrong?
Devices are supported.
Devices are lan control.
Router shows ewelink tcp service for the devices.
I can see devices on ewelink, alexa, cast, web, google home but not on ihost.
Any ideas?

Please share a screenshot of what you see.

please refer to this link Supported WiFi Device - eWeLink
make sure the LAN-control is enabled on your device

Devices are supported and lan control is set. This is not the isseu.

make sure the iHost and the eWeLink devices are connected to a same network.
do you have any other routers on your network? or something like guest network enabled?

Can the fact he use a phonenumber as login be an issue? I remember for subscribing for eWeLink Advanced in the past it was a problem.

I tried both. Email and phone get the same nothing.

are you sure your iHost is connected to the router which your ewelink device connected to?
Maybe there’s a router from the Internet service provider and you connect the iHost to it?

I am sure.
Looks like ihost and this specific router are not synched.
On another router it works.

Does you router have some sort of setting to isolate each connected devices? Most times acesspoints do have such a feature for wireless networks, but maybe a router for wired devices does have such an option too.

Do you happen to know what setting is it?
I can see each individual device in the map list with its ip, mac address and name. I also see tcp service for all of them running mdns application searching ewelink service.

Some routers have a Wireless isolation , AP Isolation , Station Isolation , or Client Isolation feature to to prevent clients from communicating with each other.
you can check on your router.

As my phone ewelink can access localy in lan mode the devices, i expected ihost to be able to do the same. At least that is what itead promissed…

I am sure.
Looks like ihost and this specific router are not synched.
On another router it works.

May I know

  1. the model of the specific router?
  2. how do you change to another router? by replace the specific one with the new one and keep same wifi name?

If your phone is able to find the devices with LAN mode then client isolation is less likely to occur indeed. But it makes the situation more strange. :sweat_smile:

router model is: Gigaset 604 IL
Made by Gigaset Germany
Any idea how I can set it up to work with ihost to see all my smart devices?