I have a problem with version 2023-04-24 ewelink-smart-home

Version 2023-04-24 ewelink-smart-home installed correctly but does not show my devices

Hm, did you try relinking your account?

I logged out/logged in… the login works… but the devices still don’t appear

I can’t get to the synchronization part with the ewelink account because the devices don’t appear…the synchronization box appears after the devices appear

Does the iHost is in the same LAN with other devices?

sure…that’s how it was until now…with the old version, my devices appeared

but…something interesting…I get data on node event-state from Node Red

Dose the devices showed up in the Home page?

BTW, would you please help to download the logs from the addon page and deliver it via the feedback channel, will be great help for us to check what’s happened, thanks in advance.

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What’s this? Access the iHost with VPN or sth?

local and remote access can be done

with the previous version it worked both locally and remotely… and anyway it shouldn’t matter

With a DMZ tool? How to do that? i want too.

the devices appear on the home page…but they were already synchronized from the previous version…

some appear offline…they all appeared active on the previous version

open the external port on the router to the internal port 80 of the IP address of the iHost device
but… you have to assign a static ip for ihost
and you must also have a STATIC IP for the router…or dns…from your internet service provider

Thank you, it’s working. I can to access iHost from internet! Is great.

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Any idea for guys with privete IP? VPN or maybe something like cloudflare?

for dynamic IP a DDNS service should be used

I was asking about situation without public IP. My internet provider gives me privete IP like 192.168.88… so DDNS is not a solution in this situation. I really don"t want to use VPN but I was wondering if there is other solution like cloudflare in HA

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For me, mostly when that “Failed” message appears it is enough to click the “Info” tab and after loading that tap click the “Web UI” tab again.

It is a strange issue and clicking the reload icon just restarts the Docker image which doesn’t solve the loading issue. I believe just reloading the tab instead of the complete Docker image is sufficient and I believe switching between tabs does exactly that.

I found the cause of the error: if I use the internal IP ( it is OK… if I use the external IP (dechi port on the router) then the error appears

Please also check the following aspect: if I turn off the power supply of iHost or NSPanel Pro (not reboot… let it be power off) then I no longer receive data through the “ewelink-state” node… the “control-devices” node works still correct
if I delete and restore the token, then the “event-state” node returns to normal

I installed Node Red on a Raspberry Pi