Ihost and basic r2 synchronize problems

Hi all
I bought an ihost and two r2 basic contactors.

The eWeLink Smart Home application on ihost fails to synchronize with the two r2 contactors. The two r2 contactors can be seen without problems from the ewelink application on the phone ex: https://ibb.co/sJ5P11Q

From the attached logs it can be seen that the Smart Home application sees the 2 contactors r2, id and the local network ips but cannot add them to the All devices list:

2024-03-19T21:22:17 [2024-03-19T19:22:17.518] [INFO] out - lan deviceList----- [

2024-03-19T21:22:17 [ ‘1001d61ac9’, 29, ‘’ ],

2024-03-19T21:22:17 [ ‘1001e1e2bd’, 29, ‘’ ]

2024-03-19T21:22:17 ]

2024-03-19T21:22:17 [2024-03-19T19:22:17.603] [INFO] out - this device not sync --------- null 1001d61ac9

2024-03-19T21:22:17 [2024-03-19T19:22:17.607] [INFO] out - this device not sync --------- null 1001e1e2bd

The full log is on this url:


How can i solve this problem?

Thank you


Could you plz reboot the add-on, and issue a new token for it in the WebUI?

Thanks for the reply, i did the reboot addon, unistal and install again, the same problem and the same error and no device found in local lan

sorr for the late reply.

Do you mind posting a screenshot of your webUI of that add-on? Full log download from the setting page would also be appreciated.