Devices not showing up in eWeLink Smart Home

When restarting the Host or if the Internet goes down, the devices synced in eWeLink Smart Home go away, and to get them back you have to turn them on at the switch or via the eWelink app. As I understand it there is a big coupling here with the eWelink app and server. I had an expectation that with iHost I could run locally, but from what I’ve seen this only occurs with Zigbee devices. On the other hand, the LAN Control function has never worked here, in which case if the internet goes down I will be without operating my devices.

hi, from our test, after reboot or Internet goes down, the synced device does not affected.
What’s your iHost CUBE version? is it the latest 1.5.3?
When the Internet goes down, do all synced devices fail, or some of them? Would be better if you can provide more device info.

The problem seems to be associated with the TF Card. Now nothing works anymore. The CPU is at 100% and ewelink-smart-home is in infinite loading. I’m using version 1.5.3

Indeed there were some compatible issues with some TF cards, we’re working on fixing the issues and will release an update several days later, before the update, you can try to remove the card, reboot iHost and insert the card again to see if it works, sorry for the trouble.

I installed the new version
but… the search for devices does not start

Hi, please try to re-install the add-on to see if it works

I reinstalled several times
it installs correctly but does not display the devices