EWeLink Smart Home connector empty/offline

I have a user with iHost 1.13.4 (and all Docker apps updated), 84 devices were connected into the iHost environment, 2 were directly added, 14 via NSPanel Pro using ParalSync connector.

4 hours ago, everything was displayed apart from 1 of the 2 directly connected devices due to a flat battery, subsequently fixed and now showing. The Cast screen looked great.

For the last couple of hours, all the devices connected directly to the cloud (traditional eWeLink app setup) appear offline to the iHost and the eWeLink Smart Home app is just searching (spinning magnifying glass). I’ve re authenticated the account, restarted the connector and rebooted the iHost to no improvement.

Any ideas why these scenarios just arise without explanation?

BTW, internet connection is fine, local network is fine. Control from the mobile app of the offline devices to the iHost is fine. It’s just the link between iHost and the cloud that appears broken!

For those of you that need to see this in pictures, some screenshots are appended :wink:

Thanks for your constructive ideas.



Device disappear might due to the smart-home add-on lost them in LAN.
Can you search your LAN with app from your phone?
Keep your phone in the same LAN with the devices.
Download the app named Mdns if you’re using android and the app named Discovery if you’re using IOS.
Then take a screenshot of the search result and post it here.

BTW, we still need your smart-home add-on log.
Sorry for the inconvenience.