Connect iHost through WiFi?

Will there be an option to connect iHost to network through WiFI ? It has the Wifi chip in there, why not use it?


It would be a good idea to connect ihost via wifi.

I have a question. Is it technologically possible for ihost to work as a router and create a new WiFi network for ewelink devices that connect to WiFi.

I’m connect too! I want this feature because I use Asus router’s guest wifi network for Sonoff devices and I also want to use iHost on this network because all managed ewelink devices work only on wifi… Now this is not possible because iHost is wired only !! !
Please enable the Wi-Fi connection!

The device is designed by using cable connection for stabilities, but may i know why are you guys request to connect it by Wi-Fi for some specific reason?

Theoretically, it may works, but the device is not designed as a router.

Hi yitie,

I would need it because I use ewelink (and other Chinese IoT) devices with an Asus router “guest” WiFi. This “guest” network uses a different IP range and cannot see my wired and wireless network for security reasons! iHost needs to see them to manage it, but it can only connect to my network via cable, so it can’t see the devices on the “guest” network because it’s a different network!
I hope this explains why this is necessary!

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I see, I think there will be a work around for the situation, like to assign static IP address for iHost in the same IP range of the IOT devices, have you try that?

Hi yitie,

This is not the case, because the two networks have different “platforms”… The wired LAN is separated from the wireless. There is no gateway, so iHost won’t see the wireless devices if I rewrite the IP address, which I can’t even do, because there is only a DHCP option in iHost!


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I guess the wired network and the wireless guest network uses different VLAN’s. I guess those VLAN’s will not be configurable on consumer routers.

If you are connecting your smart devices to a guest WIFI they will be in isolation mode, in this context they can’t talk to each other, thats why its named Guest WIFI. If your concern is to have the smart devices on a separate WIFI SSID then create a virtual AP (in the options you should be able to create multiple SSIDs).
Also, you may need to have mDNS installed, I think in this case you would need to reflash your router with Asus Merlin version and install mDNS/enable it.

I too have had this problem but have just reversed what is a guest network and what is a private network. Now my private network is called “guest network” and my guest network is called “private network”. There is the option to throttle the speed of the guest network but other than occasionally forgetting it works fine.

Now it is possible to connect ihost via wifi? And in future updates it is planned to add a wifi connection?

for now it is not possible, and there’s no plan to add a wifi connection in recent updates.