Sonoff devices integration with eWeLink CUBE

Is there a roadmap to see when the Sonoff devices are ready to use with the ihost?
I have several Switches M5, and I get a Not supported yet message.
The issue is just with the two and three gangs/channels.

If the roadmap does not exist, when do you (Sonoff guys) plan to have this ready?

Thanks in advance.

Nice, thanks!

With the new eWeLink Smart Home version 1.2.0 released a few days ago, I could manage switches M5, nevertheless, I have the same issue with a SONOFF SwitchMan R5 Scene Controller (eWeLink-Remote feature), I couldn’t find the roadmap for those kinds of devices.

Where can I find more information about it?


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Here is the scheduled timeline to support eWeLink-Remote.

To bad TTS didn’t make it at Q1… :frowning_face:

The TTS API has been released as you can see from the below link

We will further develop the front end for a friendly user experience in the following update.

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The roadmap didn’t state it is an API. I thought it would be some settings to enable/disable it at the Web UI of the iHost or so. And the ability to use it at Node-RED. I currently don’t have enough skills to use it within the API. :sweat_smile:

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Native MQTT? Where is that in the timeline?

Is the wifi door sensor is going to be added to I host
Right now The rf wifi bridge is appearing in I host but not supported and I hope they will be supported soon
But the wifi door sensors are not appearing in i host.
I had bean using Ihost for a month the problem all the sensor in my home are not supported yet