Minir4m remote control

Hi all, how do I get the minir4m to work with an s-mate2. There appears to be no option to add an eWeLink remote control sub device on it whereas the minir4 did have it. I was under the impression that these devices are the same but with matter added.

Help anyone?

MINI R4M cannot be controlled via ewelink remote. It does not have this function. You can only control via LAN mode using the scene created in the eWeLink application. You must be within range of the LAN.

Why would this function be removed? Controlling the minir4 with an s-mate was very useful. Could I get around this with eWeLink remote control gateway like ihost or nspanel pro?

There must always be access to the LAN because MINIR4M does not communicate via ewelink remote. You need to write to sonoff whether it is possible to add this function. I don’t know if it’s a software or hardware problem.

I would love to see this feature still exist like MiniR4. eWeLink Remote Gateway is useful in many use cases and of course differentiation. I don’t know this feature can be added via firmware upgrade.

It just makes no sense why they would remove this functionality!!! Can it be added via firmware? I’m trying an iHost tomorrow to see if that can bridge the two devices as it is a matter hub and an ewelink remote gateway.

I can see the s-mate 2 in the iHost but can’t see any of my minir4m devices that are in the ewelink app.