eWeLink app - create remote control

In the eWeLink app, under “Add device/more options” is “Remote control (create remote control)”. How can this be used? I may be looking wrong, but there is nothing in the documentation about this. Any clues?

Isn’t this from the “eWeLink Remote gateway” ecosystem for use with the M5 or something? At least that’s what the logo would suggest…

It looks like you can pair the remote and use it in scenes.

Yes, it belongs to ecosystem. Why would I pair it this way in my app when I can do it directly from the M5 or NSPanel Pro? I think it’s supposed to mimic something, but I have no idea what that is and what difference it makes.
eWeLink could make an effort and publish a manual and explanation.

I don’t know the answer to this question… Maybe they planned for the app to be a central point because not everyone needs to have a Panel or something…

Good point but it’s very unlikely. If you go out with your phone, your eWeLink-Remote is also gone :slight_smile:

This function has been in the application for over 2 years, but it is not known what it is for.

Even the oldest eWeLink developers no longer remember :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Here is a video where we can understand it (Italian language), It is used to create remote access on 2.4G devices that are not connected via WIFI. If we add this remote access to the ewelink remote gateway android app we use one old phone or tablet as a bluetooth gateway in order to control it when you are away from home or in Alexa/Google

This product line is not continued and the eWeLink Remote Gateway app was last updated in 2021. Unless I am mistaken, it has been replaced by the newer eWeLink-Remote, with which it is not compatible.