Smart Home controls in Xiaomi

Hello guys :hugs:
So my Xiaomi phone has an option to control smart devices from their Control Center (which is the screen you get when you slide down from the top where you see notifications and quick settings).
And I was trying to get the eWeLink app into those smart controls, but it seems that it doesn’t work.
It would be cool to have that feature sometime in the future, so that I can turn on/off the lights directly from the control center. I’m sure that many other Android-based operating systems also have that feature, regardless of the brand.
Here’s a screenshot of the control center so you know where it’s located.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the idea but the control center is limited to features owned by the phone manufacturer itself, so generally, they will not open it to third-party Apps.

There might be ways to intergrate eWeLink devices into Xiaomi, Matter can be an option, but it would need Xiaomi to expand its capability, at least with the support of Matter Bridge.

I understand that the control center is limited to Xiaomi apps.
So I was trying to connect the Mi Home app to eWeLink, because it says I can connect it… But I don’t find the option in Mi Home… Does anyone know how to connect them?

It used to be there, but I don’t know what it is like now…

“Profile->Settings->Experimental Features->External Platform Device”


Xiaomi seems to have made some changes to their app, we have contacted Xiaomi, waiting for feedback from them.