Xiaomi Mí Smart Speaker

Hello. I have a mini Google Assistant and this works very well with Sonoff devices. All commands that I talk to the mini assistant, are recognized and the devices turn ON or OFF according to the command.

Few days ago I bought a Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker because is bigger and sound is much more better and louder. The problem is that the commands that I say to this device to turn turn ON or OFF any Sonoff device is not recognized by the Smart speaker. All other command like, how is the weather? , where is the nearest gas station?, Tell me a joke, etc , work without any problem…

Does any one have any idea of what is wrong? I hope there is a solution for this.

Thank you.

Hi. Have you already linked your eWeLink account in MI Home App? Is the device synced?

Hello Erin…

May be I haven´t linked my eWelink account in MI Home app.

Where can I found how to do this?

Thank you.

Felipe Vieira

-Open MI Home App, click “Top” in the lower right corner
-Tap “Other platform devices”
-Tap “Tap to add” at the bottom and find eWeLink in the list
-Tap “Account binding” and enter your account and password to log in
-Tap “Device synchronization”

Please note that the types of devices supported by Google and Mi Home will be slightly different, you may have some devices that can sync Google, but not Mi Home.

Hello again Erin

I guess this speaker doesn’t work with eWelink. Also my MI Home app doesn’t show the “other platform devices” tab…
Maybe caused by the region I live …

Thank you anyways…


Felipe Vieira