Cheap Sonoff imitations

Just FYI, there are cheap imitations of at least SONOFF plugs being sold that LOOK like SONOFF plugs, with the button on the side with flashing light for pairing (e.g. MoKo). These DO NOT WORK with eWeLink. You need to download a separate app to control them. They too can be mated to Google Home, but only with that separate app. So if you don’t want to have a mass of smart switch apps on your phone, stick to products that specifically say they can be controlled with eWeLink. Just because it looks like a SONOFF doesn’t mean it’s usable as a SONOFF.

P.S.There is this - Does this product X work with eWeLink? – eWeLink community website which is highly relevant. I hadn’t seen that.

Thanks for let us know, but actually neither eWeLink nor SONOFF can control what’s looks like of the devices from other Brand or manufactures, so when users want to buy a eWeLink supported device, they are highly recommended to check if there have a eWeLink badge on the package, some are on the device.

Thank you. This is important. If you want a unit that works with eWeLink, the product MUST specify that it does.