Google Home integration

Hi there, I am new to the eWeLink and Sonoff world and I would appreciate some guidance. I am using a Sonoff iHost hub with mainly Zigbee devices connected to the iHost hub.

I manage to link my eWeLink account with my Google Home account.
I noticed the following:
1 - The names that I created in iHost does not pull through to Google Home, is this correct or is there a way to get the names to pull through correctly?
2 - I understand that you cannot see the Zigbee devices added to the iHost Hub on the eWeLink App, is this correct?
3 - You can use eWeLink Cast to create a Dashboard on the iHost Hub that you can then view on a webpage/ tablet etc., this is correct?
4 - Is Sonoff working on adding this functionality to the iHost hub or are there other options to get around this short coming?
5 - I had everthing setup so that I could see my Sonoff sensors etc. on the Google Home app, but when I removed a iHost sensor from the Google Home app it removed all the Sonoff devices. Is this a standard issue?
6 - I am battling to get my Sonoff devices on the iHost back onto the Google Home app, I lost the link that explained it.

Initially I made good progress, but the above issues are a pain in the neck. Next I will start creating scenes etc. but I need to get the devices and account links stable before I start.

Your comments and advice are appreciated.

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i face the same with other controllers , ihost bridge doesn’t export correct name for devices , it shows it as outlet 1 outlet 2 etc

Thanks for the reply, I have managed to resolve most of the issuees, I did a test run on eWeLink Cast and it works well, but more testing is required, I got the link between the link between the iHost Hub and Google Home reinstated. I added it as a Matter device.

The only oustanding issue is to add the iHost Hub to the eWelink add as a device, it will see it but it keeps searching for the iHost AP, any advice would be appreciated.

Via Matter? The name sync should work at first for Matter Bridge



iHost and ZBBridge series are differentiated, one is designed for local use, another offer better integration to eWeLink Cloud.

That’s how Google works with such bridges.

It sounds like Alexa?

For Google, the name should be ported correctly.

nope , same behavior i had it with google home and smartthings too , thats was for light switches only , but plugs were detected correctly

i will give it a test today again and upload for you the results

Multi-channel ones?

yes , i havent test after latest ihost upgrade 2.0 yet , i will test it today and get back to you with each type of device that shows wrong name

Today I will test pairing Ihost 2.0 with smartthings station (matter SDK 1.2).

Device names have been added correctly to smartthing.

Device names were added correctly from the smartthing app to google home.

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need to test with multi channel switch if you have one

I have a sonoff 4chpror3 device and it is added normally. As 4 devices with the same names as in ihost.

i guess then its solved with ihost v2.0 , many thanks @ociepa.ekotox , will test with google home to check

for me sonoff 4chpror3 with v1.14 in SmartThings station was also displayed correctly.

Hi Ward, thanks for getting back to me, I have most of the issues worked out, but I cannot link the iHost Hub to my eWeLink account.

I try doing so by adding a device on the eWeLink app and scanning the QR code on the back of the iHost hub. It recognizes it immediately and takes me to a page to confirm the network & password which is correct.

From there it procedes to the next page which says “Please connect your phone to device AP” At the bottom it says “Searching for device app”. This goes on forever and there is no progression from there.

How do I know what AP my iHost Hub is connected to? I am used a LAN cable directly to the router.

Pictures attached for reference.

Thanks, Matt

ihost is not supported to add as a device to ewelink app , but you can go to ihost page and from there link it to your ewelink app , but it wont make much difference and wont give any benefits nor devices , unless if u connect ewelink matter to ihost matter bridge and thats requires to have nspanel pro

this is what you will get after linking ihost to ewelink app without devices , only ihost

Thanks T, it looks like I am chasing my tail.

I have tried to add SNZB-03P Motion sensor to eWeLink and it takes me through all the steps of getting it ready to add and right at the end it says “Please add a Zigbee Bridge First”.

Do I understand this correctly? You cannot add this Sonoff motion sensor directly to the eWeLink App. You have to add it to the iHost Hub and then you can use eWeLink Cast to view and control (limited) it or to an extend in Google Home.

I still cannot see my device names in Google Home, hopefully someone from eWeLink can point me in the right direction.

Is it not possible to make local and web “hosting” of the Sonoff ZigBee devices possible? I hope it is in the development pipeline.

Hi. If you make time and search around on the forum for iHost problems you will find many of those. I am 1 of many people who had problems with iHost. After selling mine and going back to eWelink and/ or Home Assistant, no more problems.
iHost rubbish and a waste of money. Sorry for the bad news.


It’s a local hub; you can use it without the eWeLink app.

If you prefer to link iHost’s child devices to eWeLink, you would need an eWeLink matter hub (either NSPanel Pro or CAST app) and pair them via Matter.