EWELINK - new devices not available

I have had EWELINK working fine for years on a number of Android phones. I don’t know what changed. Suddenly in Home Assistant I can’t relink EWELINK - I get a message that there are no compatible devices.

So one suggestion was to add a new device. I had a previously configured BASIC in my drawer which I reset and added. It comes up as offline in the app. I also had a brand new unconfigured Micro - that does exactly the same.

It is the same from any one of 3 phones. One phone was brand new. I tried deleting the cache on my new phone but that didn’t help. Existing SONOFF devices still work OK from EWELINK but of course not through Home Assistant until I can re-link it. I seem to be able to access the same account/home/devices using China and UK as my country, with the same logon /password.

I really don’t want to delete the account and start over if it can be avoided as I have quite a few devices, and even more dependencies on them in Home Assistant.

Any ideas gratefully received!!

I thought I’d try setting up a new EWELINK account to test. I used an old phone (which already had EWELINK on) and registered a new account then added the micro I mentioned above. That too is showing as offline with a single blink of the LED about every 3 seconds. This test included deleting all EWELINK files on the phone, removing EWELINK, re-installing it and rebooting.