Home assistant devices

Ewelink cannot add home assistant devices

Hi. Do you want to sync the devices in Home Assistant to eWeLink?

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Yes, I want to do that

As far as I know, their synchronization is not bidirectional. Devices in eWeLink can be synced to HA, but devices in HA cannot be synced to eWeLink.

Hi there, may i know why are you looking for this HA to eWeLink feature? Maybe we can do some research to see if it is possible technically.

I’m talking about that…

Aha, a little tryout.

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Hi. How do I remove sonoff mini entities created by eWeLink Smart Home in Home assistant?

Try this, side-bar of HA, settings → entities → select the entities you’d like to remove, than remove selected.

Hi there, have you try it again? for now, entities as switches and lights are supported sync to eWeLink, may need to restart the add-on if the devices list is empty.

eWeLink home assistant integration only showing 1 device in LAN mode whereas eWeLink mobile android App shows all devices in LAN mode. causing homeassistant integration sync problems.

Would you please let me know one specific devices ID that showing LAN mode in the APP but not in HA? let’s check what happened.

BTW, Our developer team is working on the new version of the ADD-ON, planned to release it by the end of this month.