Creation of a virtual switch to synchronize it with the ewelink mobile application (ewelink smart home addon)

Hello everybody,

I don’t know if this is the right place but I’m starting, I apologize in advance if it’s not the right chanel.

I started using home assistant yesterday to sync my hue lights to ewelink smart home add on and from this add on send them to my ewelink mobile app and show them on my ns panel pro touch switch so far none issue.

I saw on the add ons that we could add switches and lights so that they are visible on the ewelink application and can be used on my switch, so I want to add either a switch or a light can m anyone will execute a command I ask them on my switch.

But since I’m just starting home assistant I’m lost, I’ve been trying a lot of things since last night but each time I can’t.

For example, I have my hue equipment which is synchronized and which works without problem:

If anyone could help me it would be a great pleasure