Home assistant and Ewelink Sync Home Assistant Devices (Beta)

I just want to inquire whether it is possible to add a virtual switch created in Home Assistant via Sync Home Assistant Devices (Beta). The virtual switch works correctly in Home Assistant but does not appear in the list of devices. My intention is to control the Aqara Curtain Driver E1 via the NS panel using the virtual switch in Home Assistant. I’m pointing out that, for example, controlling the on/off state of Pi-hole is possible as a switch.

Assuming you are using a “number helper” or ‘toggle helper” you can just set an automation or two to send MQTT messages on the Home Assistant to Node Red on the iHost (and probably NS Panel Pro) you have a MQTT broker already setup. Then the eWeLink cube palette includes the ability to have virtual devices already, although I don’t know yet if the state survives a reboot - if you want to know for sure then you can change the setting file in node Red to allow context store and then create a variable which you save to file using a change node (eg Set flow.example to true saved in file). Hopefully the eWeLink virtual device survives reboot in totality already without anything being needed but I’ve just asked that question this afternoon. Maybe they are creating their own settings file on disk and it has no need of “context stores”…