Virtual relays

virtual relays would be handy for scenes.

Eg. If - Tap to perform
Then- enable away mode
And Turn virtual relay On.

Then you could use the virtual relay as a trigger.

Eg if - virtual relay On and 7pm
Then - turn lounge room light on for however long.


We have learned lots users have the “virtual devices” request, will evaluate with our team.


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Please just integrate this. I have an s-mate and 3 switches connected. The s-mate only has a pulse functions and no toggle function in the ewelink app. My yeelight bulbs don’t have an change state in the ewelink app, only on or off states. So I need two of the s-mate channels to control one light. I have 2 other situations where virtual relays or switches would help me.

Virtual relays / switches can be a solution for when integrations between different brands or functionality on products is less than desired or even poor. Virtual relays / switches are one of the most powerfull things to use on the smartthings platform and something I dearly miss on the ewelink platform. Especcially when you have switches like the s-mate that are perfect to make your dumb toggle switches smart, but someone only gave them the option to work as a pulse /scene controller switch wich in my opinion males no sense.

So please please please make virtual relays a top priority on the to do list. Or make it so that my smartthings virtual switches can be added as devices in scenes in the ewelink environment. Because they show up as devices in the ewelink app, bit cannot be integrated in the scenes.

That’s great yitie! Currently I’m using up relays on a 4 channel pro so would be great to free them up!!

Another situation is a virtual relay to know if it is day or night to condition scenes. That has been one of the reasons why I emigrated to home assistant. Now, since the same device can be conditioning, you can use one channel of a virtual cone R3, and use the other as an on/off type output

Exactly what I’m using one for!

Do you still use ewelink with homeassistant? I would really love to make the step and get rid of all the different services work next to each other.

I have been using sharptools with its rulebuilder in combination with smartthings. You can set variables in sharptools for various situations. And use those variables in your scenes.

So I have a scene where my livingroom lights turn on when I or my wife come home. If they turn on depends on the time of day and if there already is someone home who has certain lights on. And the amount of brightness depends on how far before sunset it is, or if it is between sunset and sunrise. All thes factors are variables and can be used for other automations aswell. Really powerfull tool.

But seeing the on/off state, color and brightness trough different apps is hit and miss. So I hope that going the HA route can make it more reliable.