Home Assistant - device is not under your account

Home Assistant running for years on Pi , EWELINK add-on is current version, devices are on latest firmware. This problem has existed for me for over a year on many different releases of Home Assistant etc.

When I reboot the Pi, all devices show as normal in EWELINK. Then within a short time nearly all of my devices their given name is replaced with the device name (e.g. 100024b24a) with the message underneath saying “Device is not under your account”, and I can’t use them in Home Assistant.

The device types affected are:

S26 (firmware 3.5.1)
S20 (3.5.1)
Mini (3.6)
Basic R3 (3.6)
“SONOFF” (3.5) (believe these are original Basics)

I have two devices which are not affected and these are both Micros on 3.7.1.

This happens every time, and can be fixed by pressing Refresh in EWELINK. As such it is massively inconvenient.

Happy to supply logs (tell me which ones) and screenshots if required.

The only other report I have found on this forum said it was fixed by firmware, but not in my case.

Do you have the ID and PW setup in the config yawl under custom_config directory in the HA?

No, the installation notes don’t say I need it. I’m surprised any work if that is required!!

I see the release notes have a troubleshooting line which says

· Devices aren’t shown up in the HA dashboard.

· Tap the ‘Sync Lovelace Card’ to sync manually if the devices aren’t shown up in the Home Assistant dashboard.

which is what I do to resolve it. But the devices are there for me, just they don’t have their proper names.

But in my case, the devices are there, they just don’t have the right names.

They do not same the same simple name in the entity area. That is because eWeLink has their name ID with *.sonoff_ (deviceID#)in it and the Alexx_IT has just it’s name without *.(deviceID#).

I don’t use Alexx_IT any more. I’m talking about the EWElink Smart Home screen, reached from the side bar.

Immediately after reboot the devices appear with their correct names. I now think these are probably coming from the browser cache.

Then sometimes after a few minutes some (but not all) of them lose their names as I have described above. Any automations etc using those names fail. I can recover them by using the Sync button at the top right corner of the EWELINK screen.

As I often forget to do this, it is an annoying bug as the first I know is that an automation doesn’t fire.

It would be useful if it re-tried to sync a few minutes after loading.

I probably could go back to using ALEXX_IT, or flash Tasmota, but I really would prefer to not do that.

I’ve tried using Photobucket to share two images to show the problem
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did you try to uninstall the ewelink add-on and reinstall it?
and what if you use another web browser without cache?

I installed a new browser but it failed on that too.

I had some trouble with the de-install and re-install but eventually managed to run it cleanly, rebooting after each event.

First time after install it had all my devices in it correctly, and I left it running for 10 minutes as they take time to disappear. It was fine.

Second time it only has some of my devices and all those are showing as not under my account (i.e. it was missing devices completely). I left it 10 minutes but no change. A refresh doesn’t recover the missing devices either. Signing out of my account and signing back in recovered them correctly but after another reboot it did exactly what I originally reported after a few minutes - some were OK and some said not under your account.